“Black Tuesday” in Ukraine – the wave of the mass protests of patients

Today, on October 21, mass protests of patients have been held in 17 cities of Ukraine and in Kyiv. The patients dubbed the day as “black Tuesday”. They demanded from […]

At 16 days out of 21 allocated for emergency drugs procurement only 6% has been conducted

On 21 of October at 9.30 am there will be an action of patients with various severe diseases called “BLACK TUESDAY” under the Cabinet of Ministers.The Patients will symbolically cover […]

Civil activists “switched on” a countdown of the expiration of tenders for drug procurement. Only 2% of necessary medicines are procured at two weeks

Activists “switched on” a countdown and every morning they remind the officials about the close deadline for drugs procurement allocated by the Prime Minister. Patients picket Cabinet of Ministers of […]

Activists: the medicine procurement will not happen in 21 days unless the representatives of the public are engaged

Today the activists of CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Anticorruption Action Center participated in the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine where the issue of the failed tenders […]

The Prime Minister of Ukraine has received baby shoes on the front porch of his house from the representatives of CF “Patients of Ukraine”

In the early morning representatives of CF “Patients of Ukraine” brought baby shoes and a very sad statistic of deaths among Ukrainians who don’t receive treatment to the Prime Minister’s […]

Hundreds of Ukrainians are left without treatment! 80% of the drug tenders have been failed!

Critically ill patients and their relatives personally demanded from the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk to conduct the drug tenders immediately. The patients and the parents of sick children […]

Public pressure and threats to Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine”

Dear partners, colleagues and supporters! As some of you may have noticed, lately there have been multiple tries to discredit Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” through false publications, virtual threads […]

Ukraine is in TOP-5 countries with the lowest level of satisfaction with Health care services.

This is the result of the systematic analysis and comparison of the existing medical system in Ukraine with other countries. The analysis was carried out by the international experts of […]

Press-release «Handcuffed to survive!»

HIV-positive patients of Lavra clinic have lost faith in empty promises of authorities and handcuffed themselves to the cots in the Clinic’s in-patients department. In this manner the activists decided to express position of 9000 clinic’s patients. Representatives […]

Patients are requiring dismissal of Tender Committee’s Head of MoH

Today, patients and community activists picketed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the request to dismiss  Tender Committee’s Head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Ruslan Salyutin. In […]