August 2014


Patients are requiring dismissal of Tender Committee’s Head of MoH

Today, patients and community activists picketed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the request to dismiss  Tender Committee’s Head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Ruslan Salyutin. In […]

A drug which has not passed clinical trials could be sold to MoH

The audit documents’ of Ukrainian manufacturers of the drug “Alfapeg” showed that the drug did not pass clinical trials on patients who might buy it. Thus, on the basis of […]

«Patients of Ukraine» participated in the first SAG Health meeting.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine hosted the first SAG Health working meeting of Ukrainian and international experts that included CF «Patients of Ukraine» representatives in its secretariat.

Pharm companies in Ukraine raised their prices for medical products by up to 300%

Patient and anticorruption organizations call on pharm companies not to sell medical products to Ukraine at the price of gold and decrease the prices instead to the level of the year 2013.

Patients’ Appeal to pharmaceutical companies to decrease prices to the level of 2013

Patients of Ukraine appeal to headquarters of pharmaceutical companies regarding overcharges for public tenders of the Ministry of Health to 300%. Appeal is distributed among pharmaceutical companies, embassies and international […]

MOH selected 12 experts for development of health care reforms in Ukraine for 2015-2025

Today, Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced the list of Strategic Advisory Group Experts on health seeking to provide assistance to the MOH in development of long-term vision in health […]