June 2014


For the first time ever in Ukraine healthcare reform cause is shared by civil society organizations, international experts and the Ministry of Health

The decision on setting up a taskforce, including relevant state experts, civil society activists and international professionals to be its members has become the first practical step on the way to develop the national strategy to reform Ukrainian […]

Position of the civil society on the tendering process in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

[gview file=”/2014/06/Position-tenders-uk-20140624.pdf” save=”1″]

Patients came out for a lying protest near the Ministry of Finance

Today, about 50 people came out for a lying protest in front of the building of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. So they are trying to draw attention to the fact that tens of thousands of Ukrainians will die this year […]

Sick Ukrainians may die due to delays in medicines procurements tenders

“The Ministry of Healthcare has not announced calls for applications to hold public procurement of medicines to treat life-threatening diseases yet.