Condemned patients are picketing the Cabinet of Ministers

Today more than a hundred patients with cotton hoods on their heads and nooses around their necks lined up in front of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. In […]

“Condemned” patients with cotton hoods on their heads and nooses around their necks will gather in front of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers

Patients, outraged with the underfunded medicine procurement for seriously ill Ukrainians within the Draft Budget for 2016, will make a living wall in front of the Cabinet of Ministers building. […]

In 2016 in Odesa 30 family doctors will start working in accordance with European standards

Today, the Advisor to the Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration Maria Gaidar presented the initial steps that will be done in the framework of reforming the health care system in the Odesa […]

The project of Ukraine’s pharmaceutical market deregulation has been developed

Today the CF “Patients of Ukraine” together with MPs and experts of the law firm “Arzinger” presented the Concept of reforming the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. It provides for, in […]

The Government condemns “crystal” children to disability

“Children-crystals” together with their parents and patient organizations’ activists gathered in front of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine holding an action under the title “Do not break up my […]

60% of patients can be left without treatment because of the budget cuts

About fifty seriously ill patients gathered in front of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine building to prevent reduction of budget expenditures for medicine procurement in 2016. Patients with HIV/AIDS, […]

Civil society accused the Government in sabotage of public procurements of medicines through international organizations

Today patient and anticorruption organizations brought to the Cabinet of Ministers 4 barrels with ink for Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Alexander Kvitashvili, the Minister of Health, Natalya […]

In Odessa the lists of drugs that are to be provided to patients free of charge were made public

From now on, in Odessa as well as in Odessa region each patient can acquaint himself/herself with the list of medicines procured for the state and local funds. They are […]

Press Announcement

Dear journalists! We would like to invite you to the presentation devoted to the opening of an information system on availability of all medicines, procured at the expense of the […]

CF “Patients of Ukraine” presented an annual report on its activity

On Friday, 11.09.2015, at open-space “Chasopys”, for the first time there was a public presentation of CF “Patients of Ukraine” activity report. The event was attended by partners, donors of […]