Five Years of Struggle for Survival

Now Patients of Ukraine is one of the most influential patient’s organizations in the country. I am not kidding because pharmaceutical mafia and corrupt officials are trying to discredit us.

In 2016 all centralized medicine procurements will be carried out through international organizations

Initially almost no one believed in success of this campaign. Nevertheless today we proudly share our joy – we did it together! In 2016 international organizations will procure medicines for […]

The children with cystic fibrosis will receive quality treatment

The story began in January 2013 when the mother of 18-months old Vovchik from a small town in the Dnepropetrovsk region asked our organization for help.

Patients would receive treatment for hepatitis at public expense

People living with HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis for a long time fought for their right to be treated at public expense. However, the government had ignored the problem of these three epidemics for many […]

The queue for life

High-quality imported drugs will not disappear from pharmacies. Patient organizations stopped the coming into force of the law on licensing, which had been designed, as declared, to protect the quality of medicines.

Patients are heard — the Government will ensure funds for the procurement of ARV drugs for all in need

Each year the situation was getting worse. The main problem was that the government did not understand what HIV — is not just a disease. It is an epidemic that annually takes thousands of lives. According to unofficial UNAIDS data, in 2011 360,000 Ukrainian were infected with HIV. More than 40,000 of them urgently needed treatment, and this number was rapidly growing every day. Therefore, in 2011 the idea of action «Let me live!» appeared.