September 2013


Patients persuaded the MoH not to limit the list of medicines for Hep C tender

There is an official information at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine web site about the list of medicines that would be procured at the expense of the state budget to treat Hepatitis C in Ukraine. According to this information, the representatives of the […]

Ministry of Health’s officials make money on patients with hepatitis

Once the Cabinet of Ministers for the first time in the history of Ukraine has decided to finance the procurement of drugs for the treatment of hepatitis, Ministry of Health officials immediately began manipulation with tenders, limiting […]

Hepatitis C treatment in Ukraine will be reduced by half

The prices of drugs for hepatitis C treatment, procured at the expense of the state budget will be reduced at least by half. It resulted from the agreements reached by NGOs, the Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical companies ROCHE and […]

The children with cystic fibrosis will receive quality treatment

The story began in January 2013 when the mother of 18-months old Vovchik from a small town in the Dnepropetrovsk region asked our organization for help.

The State will finance the Hepatis C treatment for the first time ever

Today, for the first time in the history of Ukraine the Cabinet of Ministers signed the State Program on combating Hepatitis in Ukraine and the relevant allocation of funds. According to this document the Government will allocate […]