The activist Dmytro Sherembey won dishonest pharmacists in court

Kyiv Darnytsia District Court closed the case against the activist of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Dmytro Sherembey. The pharmacists accused the activist and two media journalists of allegedly disclosure of trade […]

Politicians and public recommend Olga Bohomolets or Volodymyr Kurpita for the position of the Health Minister

According to the results of public discussion of candidates for the position of the Health Minister of Ukraine, which has been held today with the participation of the leading political […]

In 2015 the Ukrainian Government will procure medicines and vaccines through UNICEF and WHO

According to the Coalition agreement signed by five leading political forces “Narodnyi Front”, “Poroshenko Block”, “Samopomich”, “Radical Party of Lyashko” and “Batkivshchyna” the Ministry of Health will conduct state procurements […]

Activists demand an open public discussion of candidates for the position of Health Minister

The Activists of patient and anticorruption organizations demand from all the political parties that have been elected to Verkhovna Rada to publish information about their candidates for the post of […]

Handcuffed for fighting corruption!

Press Release Today up to 100 activists of the public organizations picketed Kyiv Darnytsia District Court as a sign of solidarity with the Chairman of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Dmytro Sherembey. Today […]

Trial of patients. Preview

Dear journalists! On November 4, Darnytsia District Court will hold court hearings in the case against the Head of the CF «Patients of Ukraine» Dmytro Sherembey. To support their colleague, […]

MoH wants to procure medicines of doubtful quality for sick children

Today the parents of children with phenylketonuria as well as little patients appealed to the Ministry of Health with urgent request to procure much-needed medicines. The problem is that 3-rd […]

Nothing about us without us! Initiative of CF “Patients of Ukraine” regarding the appointment of the Minister of Health of Ukraine

Ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of patients’ access to health services is the basic and the main obligation of the Minister of Health. There have been 19 Ministers of Health during […]

Experts offer deprive the Ministry of Health of the part of functions, including procurement

The draft of health care reforms that is being developed by Strategic Advisory Group on Healthcare reform suggests depriving the Ministry of Health of some functions, including the financing of […]

Position of CF “Patients of Ukraine” regarding another round of intimidations and pressure on our organization!

Yesterday a couple media has published false information about the opened criminal case against Dmytro Sherembey, Chairman of CF “Patients of Ukraine”. We consider these provocative statements and paid articles […]