You are welcome to send your CV, cover letter and recommendation from a current member (if possible) to the office email of “Patients of Ukraine”: to join “Patients of Ukraine”. Candidates are submitted to the Board by the Secretariat. The Board shall decide on the admission of new members.

Admission procedure is not related to the member’s attending the “Patients of Ukraine” meeting.

The Board offers the following criteria for “Patients of Ukraine” membership:

  • Motivation
  • Activism
  • Awareness of healthcare issues
  • Understanding of the “Patients of Ukraine” mission by a potential member, and willingness to share it
  • Voluntariness
  • Willingness to represent “Patients of Ukraine” at the negotiations of different levels

Member of “Patients of Ukraine” can be either patient or activist, or both.

The list of the disease represented by a member is not limited.