history-scheme-enOfficially a patient was always excluded from the negotiations between the government and the pharmaceutical sector over 10 years of Ukraine’s independence. It concerned as supplying and pricing and the quantity and quality of medicines that are present in Ukraine. Usually, all negotiations between State – Pharma, Pharma – Patient held behind closed doors and was not based on the principles of transparency.

There was an urgent need in Ukraine to create a public platform for an open dialogue between patient organizations, the pharmaceutical companies and the government to improve access to quality medicines at an affordable price — for all those who need it.

UCAB officially was launchedat the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH on December 10, 2010. UCAB became specialized association of patients to lobbing their interests in front of the pharmaceutical companies and the State. UCAB united patients with HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis. UCAB was elected President Dmitry Sherembey by open vote by a majority vote.

The work of UCAB is technically supported and organized by the Secretariat.

UCAB was officially registered as a Charitably Foundation “Ukrainian Community Advisory Board on access to treatment in Ukraine” on June 17, 2011.

At the end of 2013 the general meeting of UCAB was decided to change the name on CF “Patients of Ukraine”, which made it possible to expand membership, involving representatives of patients with various diseases. Partners of CF “Patients of Ukraine” are: charitable foundations, NGOs and associations that actively protect the rights of patients of Ukraine.