Our mission

Treatment is available for all.

Our goal

To ensure effective treatment, including access to medicines, for all patients in Ukraine by uniting activists to influence Governmental laws and policies.

Our vision

We want to see a country where patients have access to all pharmacies they need through the implementation of effective medicine; the country where activists that represent patients are perceived with honor, have access to relevant information, have skills of strategic work and cooperate with the government which operates completely transparently, responsibly and open.

Thus, CF «Patients of Ukraine» is recognized as a legitimate partner by state authorities, local and international pharmaceutical companies presented in Ukraine, communities of clinicians, patient groups and others.

External tasks

  1. To ensure full funding of state treatment programs.
  2. To improve the transparency and accountability of public tenders and procurement processes.
  3. To identify systemic problems concerning situation with tuberculosis in Ukraine.
  4. To improve pharmaceutical practice and policy for better quality control of medicines and ensuring ethical conduct of clinical trials in Ukraine.
  5. To pressure the government and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the prices of medicines.
  6. To identify and collaborate with key partners that can support the advocacy efforts of CF «Patients Ukraine».

Internal tasks

  1. Raise the level of professionalism of CF «Patients Ukraine» members on advocacy and develop technical skills on access to medicines.
  2. To increase and expand membership of CF «Patients Ukraine».
  3. To establish and implement a strategy for fundraising.
  4. To maintain our own identity.