The three most common problems that the Health Number can help you solve

The three most common problems that the Health Number can help you solve

— Excuse me, what other free medicines? Buy them at the pharmacy. Like everyone else.
— Excuse me, but I know that the state has already paid for me.

Approximately such a dialogue often takes place between some doctors and those patients who know about the toll-free hotline “Number of Health”.

Only in the last few months our consultants have processed about 600 applications from the Ukrainian patients. All these people are of different genders, different ages, from different regions and with different diagnoses. But they all have one thing in common – the desire to learn more about the free treatment guaranteed by the state.

We have conducted a detailed analysis of all appeals to tell you about the three most common problems that the “Number of Health” can help you solve 😎

“We don’t have health services for free. What state? Who buys what there?” (31% of all requests).
And believe, the list of what should be provided to patients free of charge is quite long. As an example, 10 out of 10 medicines, which patients most often contacted our Hotline, are in the Nomenclature of Medicines, that means they are procured by the state.

“I repeat you once again: I do not have to report to you and explain anything, I have a lot of work”.
About 29% of patients did not receive any justifications and explanations for their requests from the hospital at all. But they received them from us. And they returned to the hospital with a full understanding of what services should be provided free of charge and who to contact if this does not happen.

“Yes, free medicines seem to be here, but not now. They have not been brought. I still have to go to the pharmacy, it is faster”.
This was heard by 29% of subscribers. But it is even easier to check the veracity of these words. Just use the resource “Eliky” to see the availability of medicines in your hospital.

More information about the work of the hotline can be found in the report on calls to our Health Number.

The analysis of calls was prepared with the support of the #SAFEMed project USAID Ukraine — USAID Україна.

To know your rights is a necessity. And we are doing everything to satisfy it as easily as possible.

🔷 The Health Number hotline advises patients from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.
(096) 2-888-003, (095) 2-888-005

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