Over 8 000 Health Workers Received Protection for Four Months of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Initiative

Over 8 000 Health Workers Received Protection for Four Months of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Initiative

For four months CF  “Patients of Ukraine”  thanks to own efforts and involvement of partners, socially responsible business, NGOs , volunteers and ordinary people raised UAH 20 023 149 for protection of health workers.

CF “Patients of Ukraine” received charitable contributions from:

  • 41 donors who donated and/or raised UAH 19 182 668
  • 1 273 non-indifferent people through the website for the amount of UAH 840 480.

The most important is that these funds allowed protecting 8 000 health workers in 179 hospitals in all oblasts of Ukraine.
During the first week of coronavirus incidence in Ukraine the CF “Patients of Ukraine” created the ‘Unite to Fight COVID-19 Initiative’. The Foundation raises funds to protect doctors, paramedics and nurses, procures, distributes and delivers aids to health facilities. Also the Foundation consults partners, donors and NGOs intending to provide assistance to health workers and hospitals.

Assistance to hospitals for four months

The main target of the Unite to Fight COVID-19 Initiative is to protect health workers from coronavirus infection as they are in the vanguard of COVID-19 fight. For this purpose we spend the raised money to procure personal protection equipment (PPE), which prevents infection. We procure masks /respirators, shields or goggles to protect the respiratory tract. Also we acquire protective suits, boot covers, gloves and sanitizers.

For four months we together with partners procured and/or supplied 369 858 various PPE items, in particular:

  • 91 900 masks;
  • 76 968 respirators;
  • 74 530 gloves;
  • 70 860 protective suits;
  • 22 025 gowns;
  • 12 750 boot covers;
  • 8 005 shields and goggles;
  • 8000 caps;
  • 2 800 aprons;
  • 1 860 sanitizers and disinfectants (bottles of different volumes).

We also procure medical equipment. During four months we purchased and delivered 156 items of medical equipment, which help health professional to save patients’ lives, in particular:

  • 95 monitors that are attached to respiratory medical devices. They allow real-time monitoring of patient’s condition and immediately providing intensive care;
  • 60 oxygen concentrators, which permit doctors to save patients from COVID-19 and prevent disease exacerbation;
  • 1 respiratory medical device

Our partners and donors

We are very grateful to our partners who together with us protect health professionals. The raise funds, procure and supply PPE and medical equipment.

Many thanks to Diaspora of Ukrainians in the USA NOVA Ukraine, Company MUMA beauty MakeUpMe Academy, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine  together with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine , NGO Razom for Ukraine, Company Joom Group Limited (Latvia), Consulting Company BDO Business Services, Starlit-Group, Mary Kay, NGO EdCamp Ukraine, Charitable Foundation Warm City, Agency banda and Electronics Supermarket Chain  СOMFY, Charitable Organization Sunflower for peace, Charitable Organization Give Dreams to Children , Charitable Foundation Native City, the All-Ukrainian Platform Let’s Build Ukraine (BUR), Canadian Non-for-Profit Organization Kohorta, IT Company Xpand, Company Mars Ukraine and Royal Canin, Company Playtika Ukraine, Company Bizant, GLOVO, CHS Ukraine, Clario Tech Limited, Pfizer, Group of Companies Novartis  in Ukraine, Ukrainian Charitable Exchange , Company Renault Ukraine,  the Embassy of Estonia in Ukraine, Imperial Tobacco in Ukraine, GSK, City Bank, for the money raised with assistance of the team of Bayer Agricultural Sector, Research and Art Platform Ostriv, Companies Miniso, Lucas, NGO Athena. Women against Cancer, NGO Ukraine without Tortures, NGO Bridge to Ukraine Inc, LCC SNAP Ukraine  and also to Valery Pekar, Yaroslala Gres, Serhiy Makhno,  journalist Vitaly Portnikov  and also to an anonymous donor for their personal contributions.

Thank you for your contributions to fight coronavirus!

Additionally, we would like to thank all people for their donations through the website. You donated various amounts for which we are thankful as there is no small help. Thank you for your involvement!


We have 200 volunteers working with us all over Ukraine during these four months. They continuously collect the needs from hospitals, help to purchase, distribute and deliver PPE. We highly appreciate their energy, tirelessness and kindness. Our volunteers are our super force and without them we would not have achieved such impressive results. Special thanks to the party Golos for their help in creating a wide network of volunteers.

UAH 20 million for four months is a great result and at the same time a great responsibility. All assistance received is directed exclusively to procurement and delivery of PPE and medical equipment to rescue doctors and patients with COVID-20.

We continue to receive more help from various companies. We accept help only for saving doctors and people. Unfortunately, our country is in a situation where volunteers have to provide a reliable rear for health workers. We receive assistance for doctors and people, but that does not mean that we support or promote position or interests of the involved companies.

We are grateful to all who support and trust us. Your words of support and gratitude, your likes and reposts are important to us.

Despite general fatigue and easing of quarantine requirements, the number of patients with COVID-19 is increasing every day. We continue our activities and protect Ukrainian doctors.

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