More than 8 million hryvnias have been raised to protect doctors from the coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

More than 8 million hryvnias have been raised to protect doctors from the coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

More than 8 million hryvnias have been raised to protect doctors from the coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” together with partners, donors, volunteers, and people raised 8,185,235 hryvnias to protect doctors from the coronavirus.

CF “Patients of Ukraine” received charitable contributions from:

  • 21 donors who donated and/or raised funds in the amount of UAH 7,571,741;
  • 1,133 people through the site in the amount of UAH 613,494.

With the funds raised, we purchase personal protective equipment (PPE), which is necessary for physicians in the fight against coronavirus. First of all we procure masks/respirators, goggles, or face shields. This equipment protects the airways of our doctors and medical staff. The greatest risk of transmission of coronavirus occurs when it gets on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract or eyes. We also procure protective suits, boot covers, and gloves.

Assistance to doctors and hospitals for the week (01.05 – 07.05)

Patients of Ukraine with the support of our partners purchased or/and assist in delivery to 43 hospitals:

  • 53,920 protective suits;
  • 21,750 gloves;
  • 8,850 boot covers;
  • 6,476 respirators;
  • 4,758 bathrobes;
  • 4,100 medical caps;
  • 2,600 medical aprons;
  • 2,000 medical masks;
  • 1,721 protective face shields and goggles.

Some of these PPE are now on their way to hospitals.

We are grateful for this support to our partners: Starlit Group, Charitable Foundation “Teplo Misto”, NGO Razom for Ukraine, Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA NOVA Ukraine, Playtika, the management team of the Agricultural Division of Bayer, Mars Ukraine, and Royal Canin, a consulting company BDO Centers, a network of grocery stores Silpo and Fora. Thank you for making the difference!

Joint initiatives to purchase protection for physicians

We also support our partners to implement fundraising campaigns to protect doctors. For the current week:

  • Thanks to the support campaign “Let’s help doctors!”, which took place on May 1 and 2 at the initiative of Joom Group Limited (Latvia), we managed to raise $ 22,000 for the purchase of PPE.
  • As part of the #стрижусьвдома challenge, initiated by banda and supported by COMFY, we have delivered 490 respirators and purchased and have purchased and currently arranging the delivery of 350 protective suits in support of the Regional Clinical Center for Medical Care and Disaster Medicine in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The team that protects medics

We never tire of thanking our 180 volunteers across Ukraine. They work every day to make the doctors who fight COVID-19 feel safe. They help collect needs from hospitals, deliver and purchase PPE for health professionals. Special thanks for the help in creating a wide network of volunteers to Golos party.

Thank you to everyone who helps and supports us. We are grateful for the trust of so many organizations, businesses, and citizens. Together, we will protect our doctors from the coronavirus.

You can join us and help via the website:

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