Over 6 Million UAH Raised to Protect Doctors against Coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

Over 6 Million UAH Raised to Protect Doctors against Coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”


Team of the CF “Patients of Ukraine” raised UAH 6 314 911 of charitable contributions from donors, businesses and people:

  • 17 donors raised and/or donated UAH 5 719 663 for protection of doctors;
  • UAH 595 248 from 1 109 people were donated through the fund-raising website.

Month of Assistance to Doctors

It’s been month since CF “Patients of Ukraine” together with volunteers, the public, donors, big businesses and people has been working hard to protect doctors against coronavirus. Protecting doctors and medical staff against coronavirus without treatment or vaccine is our foremost priority.

The situation developed in Ukraine is blatant: every fifth person infected with coronavirus is a doctor. The state has not yet provided doctors with the necessary protection, and the Health Ministry has only started procuring PPE for doctors in April, while it was supposed to do in early 2020. Assistance from the state has not yet reached the doctors. Today, they are forced to fight the virus in difficult conditions totally unequipped.

Observing the inaction of the Health Ministry, the public and volunteers once again took matters into their own hands and began to act.

During one month period we procured and delivered (part is on the way) to the hospital 65,322 PPE items for doctors, 43,480 of them being respirators.

The most important thing is that these PPE items have protected 2,000 doctors who save lives all over Ukraine! (Calculation of doctors’ protection per one shift — editor)

Why do we buy respirators in the first place? They are needed for doctors to protect the respiratory tract. Coronavirus is mainly transmitted between people through “respiratory droplets” and the greatest risk of coronavirus infection occurs when they get on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract or eyes. That’s why breath guards / respirators, goggles or shields are critical for protecting doctors against infection. We also procure protective suits, boot covers and gloves.

We are infinitely grateful to our partners for their help in raising funds for procurement of PPE, specifically to NGO Razom for Ukraine, Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA NOVA Ukraine, Banda Agency and COMFY chain of stores, Charitable Organization Sunflower for Peace, Charitable Organization Give Dreams to Children, Charitable Foundation Ridne Misto, the All-Ukrainian Platform Let’s Build Ukraine Together (BUR), the Canadian Non-Profit Organization Kohorta, the International Company Bayer, the Consulting Company BDO, the IT Company Xpand, Company Mars Ukraine, Company Byzantium and Valeriy Pekar for charitable contributions. Thank you all for your efforts and personal involvement!

One more area of our work is the assistance to big business and donors to find suppliers of quality goods and to monitor the procurement process.

We have assisted in purchasing:

  • 44 850 breath guards;
  • 13 600 pairs of gloves;
  • 3 880 respirators;
  • 700 goggles;
  • 512 protective suits;
  • 200 boot covers;
  • 60 liters of sanitizer;
  • 50 isolation gowns;
  • 12 shields

The request was placed by NGO Pokrovsky Platform for Joint Action, People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yana Zinkevych, Member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo Natalia Mykolska, Charitable Foundation Warm City and Company Bunge Ukraine.
In addition, we provided advice to an anonymous donor for procurement of PPE for the amount of UAH 1.2 million for hospitals in Kyiv and the region.

We assist with delivery of PPE to hospitals and organized supply of 2 500 respirators, 209 protective suits, 10 goggles and 500 items of medical gloves. This is the assistance to hospitals from Yaroslava Gres, owner of the Communication Agency Gres Todorchuk and from CF Assistance Center.

Also we support companies with communication and delivery of other important products for doctors. So we assisted to:

  • METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine to organize delivery of charitable aid with food and household goods for 4 hospitals;
  • anonymous donor to deliver 300 lunches for health workers;
  • InCo home (in cooperation with ТМ Fructona) to arrange communication for supplies of frozen berries to hospitals.

Team assisting doctors

We would not have achieved such impressive results without a super- team! 180 coordinators and volunteers from all over Ukraine work selflessly every day to protect doctors. We extend our gratitude to all volunteers who joined the initiative to protect doctors. Special thanks for the help in creating a wide network of volunteers from Golos Party.

Nor would it be a reality without our partners, charity providers, volunteers and everyone who follows us. Our reports are getting longer with more help and support from you. Thank you to everyone! Together we care for and protect those who care and treat us – our doctors.

We, in turn, continue working to provide better and more effective care to our doctors, so we have developed an improved algorithm for assessing the needs of hospitals and selecting the priority health facilities. We are constantly updating the unique database of suppliers and finding opportunities to procure respirators from 35 UAH / piece (whoever buys knows how hard it is to find cheaper – ed.) and protective suits to meet the required standards.

Our struggle does not stop; we continue raising charitable contributions and search for companies ready to help. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to assist courageous Ukrainian doctors to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic.

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