Audit Report for 2019

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Report for 8 Months of Activities under Unite to Fight Coronavirus Initiative of the CF “Patients of Ukraine”

CF “Patients of Ukraine” together with partners, volunteers and socially responsible businesses raised UAH 21 477 077 for protection of health professionals. Together we have provided protection for over 8 000 health workers, who are saving patients in 220 hospitals all over Ukraine.
Поліція не пустила медиків та пацієнтів провести мирну акцію під Кабміном

Police Did Not Allow Doctors and Patients to Hold Peaceful Protest in Front of the Cabinet of Ministers

Doctors, patients, activists and concerned people went on a peaceful protest "Picked bones for doctors and patients: the Cabinet of Ministers, stop cutting health care budget!” in front of the Government building demanding to increase the health care budget for 2021. The police did not allow doctors and patients even to approach the COM building.

Patients Demand Stepanov’s Resignation

On October 30 patients organized an action "Ministry of Asphalt Treatment" in front of the Ministry of Health. They demanded Stepanov's resignation and call for the law enforcement authorities to investigate his negligence.

Patients Demand Health Sector Funding Increase up to 5% of GDP!

On September 18, ‘Death Budget-2021’ action took place in front of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Patients, parents together with their seriously ill children, activists and concerned citizens came out with a demand to increase the health sector funding to 5% of GDP, that is  up to UAH 225 billion.

CF “Patients of Ukraine” helped 218 hospitals to fight against coronavirus in five months of the initiative

CF “Patients of Ukraine” for the five-month initiative “Let’s unite against coronavirus” raised UAH 20 153 431 for the protection of health workers. It is a joint result of the work of our Foundation, partners, socially responsible business, NGOs, volunteers, and ordinary people.

CF “Patients of Ukraine” will improve the infrastructure of the virus reference laboratory of the Center for Public Health

Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” has raised funds for repair work at the Virus Reference Laboratory of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This will allow testing for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases more efficiently and high-quality.

Over 8 000 Health Workers Received Protection for Four Months of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Initiative

For four months CF  “Patients of Ukraine”  thanks to own efforts and involvement of partners, socially responsible business, NGOs , volunteers and ordinary people raised UAH 20 023 149 for protection of health workers.

Right for Treatment and Life: Patients Take to Defend Medical Reform

On July 23, 2020, an action “Ingrained Soviet Mentality Kills Medical Reform” was held in front of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Patients took to defend their constitutional rights to affordable and quality medicine.

Position of Patients’ Organizations on Possible Recognition of the Law of Ukraine On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Care for Population Fully or Partially Unconstitutional

The patient community is concerned about the possible cancellation of the medical reform due to recognition of the Law of Ukraine On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Care for Population unconstitutional. This law is fundamental to the functioning of health care reform in Ukraine. Therefore, it is called the ‘Law on Medical Reform’ among the patients’ community.