Pediatrician Drags Medical Reform through the Verkhovna Rada

Pediatrician Drags Medical Reform through the Verkhovna Rada

The next drop in the cup of patience of the activists and public expecting the health reform overrun into the action in front of the Verkhovna Rada. Representatives of the public organizations, patients community and health workers got together in Grushevsky street to motivate the MPs to put bills 6327 and 6604 to vote and support them.

Pediatrician Oleh Skavysh also known as ’Dragtooth’ is a multiple champion of Ukraine. He undertook to ’drag’ the health reform through the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In the course of action he dragged a 25 ton reanimobile with his teeth for 25 meters. The reanimobile symbolizes a package of bills for health reforms implementation while Mr. Skavysh personifies the Ukrainian people, who are waiting for the reforms and ready to take every effort for their implementation.

MPs chose a strategy of procrastinating the health reforms, says Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of the CF „Patients of Ukraine“, and soon this strategy may frustrate the joint efforts for renovation of the health care system“.

The first stage of the reformation, which is the primary health care reform should start on January 1, 2018 and the regions need time to prepare for its implementation. The later MPs vote for the bills No 6327 and No 6604, the more difficult it would be to get the reform up and running at the local level. Moreover, the longer the voting is delayed, the less chances are to implement the reform in the next year.

„The reform is threatened again disregarding the public demand. If the health reform is not approved as soon as possible, it will have no chances to be included into the state budget 2018“, says Iryna Lytovchenko, co-founder of the CF „Tabletochki“.

Oleh Skavysh shared his arguments in support of the reform: „I support the health reform because we all benefit — me as a health worker and my patients, mothers with children who seek my help. We all deserve better medicine and await changes“.

As a reminder, previously the activists demanded resignation of Olga Bogomolets, as one of the main populists that create barriers for adopting the health reform.

Also activists several times asked the MPs to approve the bills and to initiate the health reform proposed by the Ministry of Health. Though the reform is supported by the President and the Prime Minister, the bills continue lying dormant at the Verkhovna Rada. Today only a small fraction out of 72% of Ukrainians who according to the conducted survey support the health reform. We only hope that the lawmakers will hear the voice of the people and will start to act.

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Contact person: Olha Pryshko

Speakers at the press briefing at the action:

  • Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of the CF „Patients of Ukraine“, RPR expert
  • Iryna Lytovchenko, co-founder of the CF „Tabletochki“
  • Tymofiy Badikov, Member of the Board of NGO „Parents for Vaccination“
  • Yevhen Gonchar, family doctor
  • Oleh Skavysh, pediatrician, champion of Ukraine

Package of bills on health reforms:

  • Bill No 6327 „On State Financial Guarantees for Providing Medical Services and Medications“ envisages replacement of the model for financing health services.
  • Bill No 6604 „On Amending the Budget Code of Ukraine to Support the State Financial Guarantees for Providing Medical Services and Medications“

No system works until it maintaines fair financial relations. That is why the bills are called to replace the outdated Soviet way of health sector financing for the advanced model where the health workers and health facilities are paid for the result of their activities while patients have guaranteed access to quality health services. Health system in Poland, Canada, Great Britain is based on the same model.

Owing to this reform the state will pay for specific services provided to specific patients. Ukrainians will receive quality medical services and will be protected.

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