Ukrainians in 50 Cities Demand Health Care Reform

Ukrainians in 50 Cities Demand Health Care Reform

In 50 cities of Ukraine thousands of Ukrainians have taken to the streets for the action “Death Hour” in order to support the Health Care Reform. For seeking attention of the people’s deputies the representatives of the patients’ organizations and activists delineated with a chalk the persons on the ground covered with bed sheets. This is the way the participants of the All-Ukrainian action attract attention to the fact that every hour death claims 67 people ill with various diseases. The Health Care Reform may stop these deaths and save thousands of Ukrainians.

In Kyiv the action took place in front of the Verkhovna Rada building. This week the Verkhovna Rada should lay before the MPs and consider the legislative package on health care reform.

“Health care reform is extremely needed in the society. It is relevant for every Ukrainian. Your vote will decide if the patients receive quality health care, you vote will decide millions of lives”, said Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of the Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine”.

The health care reform introduces a fair relationship between a patient and a doctor and is based on three main principles. First, the state pays for quality medical services and a patient chooses in which health facility to receive the medical services – in public, municipal or private. This is the ‘money follows the patient’ principle. Second, the health care reform introduces the guaranteed package of medical services with a list of health services to be free for all patients. The state will always pay 100% for emergency care in all cases including treatment and medications, for a family doctor, GP, pediatrician and for palliative care for the terminally ill patients. Cost of specialized medical care and diagnosis will be shared by patients and the state according to the clearly specified rates unified for all Ukrainians. Third, all patients will have equal access to medical care regardless of their social status and income. Every Ukrainian will receive the same medical care as an MP or a minister and will consult the same doctors.

“Only those who for years have been involved in corrupt schemes at the hospitals and those who are accustomed to be ‘elected’ and receive medical care in Feofania Health Center are against this reform. Every MP, who fails to vote for the health care reform, will in fact kill Ukrainians”, indicated Dmytro Sherembei, Head of the Coordination Board of the AllUkrainian Network of PLWH .

If the health care reform legislative package fails to be placed on the agenda before June 10, then the reform will be postponed for 5 years. It means that 67 Ukrainians will die every hour for the next 5 years.

If MPs vote for the legislative package, then the changes in the health care system will start in January 2018 and in 2020 the health system will be completely upgraded.

As thousands of other young people I demand the health care reform. Those who were born in the independent Ukraine, have a clear position: we are against bribes in the hospitals and unauthorized payments. The health care reform is fundamental because without it no other reform will be successful  as nobody will be left to change the country for better”, said Vitalii Selyk, Chairman of the Council of Elders of the All-Ukrainian Youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”.

The action “Death Hour” united leading NGOs and patients’ organizations including CF “Patients of Ukraine”, the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, the All-Ukrainian Youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”, the “Strong Communities” Movement, the NGO “Parents for Vaccination”.

  • 97% of Ukrainians buy medicines on their own account
  • Every patient when at the hospital has to pay for medicines, make unofficial payments and give bribes
  • For 84% of Ukrainians hospitalized during the last year it was difficult or impossible to find money to cover inpatient treatment
  • Ukrainians have to sell valuables, assets or to borrow money for buying medicines
  • A family with a severely ill patient immediately finds itself below the poverty line
  • According to WHO, 136 000 Ukrainians will be saved every year once the health reform is implemented.


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