The President Received Baby Shoes and the MPs – Defibrillators with Demand to Launch Health Reform

The President Received Baby Shoes and the MPs – Defibrillators with Demand to Launch Health Reform

Today about one hundred patients have brought stretchers with 423 ‘life packages’ for the MPs. The activists packed there things that symbolize life for each patient – painkillers, vaccines, stethoscopes, defibrillators, drips and children’s clothes. In such a way the patients demanded from MPs to vote for the health reform legislative package.

These are the government bills No 6327  “On Public Financial Guarantees”, No 6328  “On Additional Guarantees to War Participants”, No 6329 “Amendments to the Budget Code”, No 6347 “Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement”. These laws are designed to launch the health reform, which, according to the survey, have been long anticipated by  almost 45% of Ukrainians. Activists emphasize that that every MP, who will not vote for the health reform, defends the interests of the old corrupt system that exterminate Ukrainians.

“Free health care is a myth. Every patient right after admission to the hospital has to pay for all starting from shoe covers and ending with unauthorized payments to doctors and nurses. According to the survey, every other Ukrainian has to postpone treatment as it is unaffordable”, said Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of the Charitable Foundation Patients of Ukraine. At the moment the MPs receive a historical chance to mend the situation and to vote for the health reform, which will remove ‘black cash’ from the hospitals and provide the patients with guaranteed free treatment, which is not currently in place.   This is why we call for every MP to perform his/her obligation and to vote for the health reform, she added.

The reform is based on the undeniable guarantees for the patient, which are not yet in place, as well as on the right to choose, where to receive treatment. For the first time money allocated for the health sector will be spent not for maintenance of the hospital building but for providing a quality health care package for every Ukrainian. Thanks to adoption of this legislative package the patient will receive an opportunity to  choose either public, communal or private health facility as the draft legislation on health  reform implements the MFP (money follows the patient) principle, therefore creating fair competition among health facilities. Emergency care, family doctor, pediatrician and palliative care for terminal patients will be free for the Ukrainian patients.

Support of these draft laws means a choice for decades ahead. Stop killing the patients with a myth of ‘free’ Soviet medicine. We demand honest relations between a doctor and a patient. Every MP, who will vote against these draft laws will vote against all Ukrainians, against life and future of Ukraine and will show that he/she stands for the old corruption schemes, currently operational in all hospitals”, indicated Dmytro Sherembei, Head of the Coordination Board of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH

The President of Ukraine received a special package with life symbols – infant baby cap and shoes, brought to the Presidential Administration by a pregnant woman. This was done to remind the President about his pre-election promise to reform the health system. They call for the President as the Upholder to openly support the health reform and the legislative package proposed for a vote at the Verkhovna Rada.

I am 5 months pregnant. Many times I heard about preliminary arrangements with doctors, unauthorized payments and lists of medicine… Like thousands of other women I would like to give birth to my child in a fair atmosphere! That’s why today I am sending to the President these life symbols for million mothers and encourage him to support the legislative package and the health reform and then the childbirth will really be free”, pregnant Daria Nastenko said.

‘Life packages’ were also given to the representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the words of thanks for development of these draft laws.

On April 20 the patients’ community called for the President of Ukraine to recognize the priority of the health reform legislative package and for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to vote for this package. The open petition was signed by 17 patients organizations.

  • 97% of Ukrainians buy medicines on their own account
  • Every patient when at the hospital has to pay for medicines, make unofficial payments and give bribes
  • For 84% of Ukrainians hospitalized during the last year it was difficult or impossible to find money to cover inpatient treatment
  • Ukrainians have to sell valuables, assets or to borrow money for buying medicines
  • A family with a severely ill patient immediately finds itself on the


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