CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Olga Stefanyshyna won a court case filed by Dmytro Pidturkin, the former advisor to Raisa Bogatyriova

CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Olga Stefanyshyna won a court case filed by Dmytro Pidturkin, the former advisor to Raisa Bogatyriova

Today the CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Olga Stefanyshyna won a court case filed by Dmytro Pidturkin, the former advisor to a former health minister of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyriova, and a member of at least 12 working groups and 21 nomenclature review committees at the MoH Ukraine in 2012. The Court of Appeal of the Kyiv City composed of judges Salikhov, V. V. Semeniuk T. A, and Prokopchuk N. O. passed a corresponding judgment.

As a reminder,  Article by Olga Stefanyshyna “How Pharmaceutical Dealers Discredit International Organizations” posted at the web paper “Ukrainska Pravda”, specifically a sentence: “Dmytro Pidturkin was a medical expert and advisor to Raisa Bogatyriova on procurements in  2011-2013” was the reason for filing the court case.

“Justice exists and it’s worth fighting for! Today we have proved our point at the Court of Appeal that decided in our favor, Olga Stefanyshyna, Executive Director of the CF “Patients of Ukraine” said, It was like a theater of absurd: Dmytro Pidturkyn filed a court case against patients because of the article on pharmaceutical procurement reform, and denied being the medicines procurement advisor to Raisa Bogatyriova, though we all know that in the times of Bogatyriova it was him, who administered the MoH tender procedures”, she added.

For nearly a year  Dmytro Pidturkin was trying to argue his work with Raisa Bogatyreva and his involvement in the tender procurements of medicines, vaccines and medical equipment at the Ministry of Health. He kept insisting that his advisor role was only formal, however his participation in almost all nomenclature review committees in 2012,  his presentation of MoH at various meetings, conferences and trainings including working groups proved the opposite.

First the case was reviewed by the Podil Court of the Kyiv City. The judge Shakhovnina М.О. blamed the CF “Patients of Ukraine” disregarding the evidence of the witnesses, provided documents and video, which proved that Dmytro Pidturkin was the advisor to Raisa Bogatyriova and administered the MoH Ukraine procurement process. The judge Shahovnina two years ago already blamed the CF “Patients of Ukraine” representatives for advocating the interests of the patients with hepatitis C .

“We are pursued in court because we oppose corrupt officials, struggle with corruption schemes and stand for international procurement of the medicines. Absurdity of the reasons for litigation only proves that they are trying to remove the activists from the real battle for access of patients to treatment as while we are preparing for the court case and sitting at the court sessions we are less “dangerous” for the corrupt officials, Olga Stefanyshyna remarked.

It is to be recalled that according to the information from the State Security Service of Ukraine up to 40% of budget funds were laundered at the MoH tenders in 2012-2014. Delegation of drug procurement functions to the international organizations allowed saving about UAH 620 million for the state budget of Ukraine  For the first time thanks to this reform 40% of tenders were won by the pharmaceutical producers.

The CF “Patients of Ukraine” is the organization, whose goal is to ensure effective treatment, including access to medicines, for all patients in Ukraine by uniting activists to influence Governmental laws and policies.

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