State Budget of Ukraine: UAH 5,9 billion was allocated for medications for severely ill patients

State Budget of Ukraine: UAH 5,9 billion was allocated for medications for severely ill patients

UAH 5,9 billion was allocated from the State Budget for medications for severely ill patients. Tonight deputies have voted for the relevant document. Patients with HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, pediatric and adult oncology, hemophilia and other illnesses receive medication for UAH 2 billion more than last year.

“This is record increasing in the budget for medications for patients. In September, due to negotiations CF “Patients of Ukraine” together with All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, CF “Children with hemophilia” and partners have managed to convince the Ministry of Finance to increase budget for medications for patients up to UAH 2 billion. This is our common victory!” said Olga Stefanyshyna, Executive Director CF “Patients of Ukraine”. In 2017, 34,000 HIV-positive patients, 25,000 TB patients, and more than 600 patients with viral hepatitis will be additionally treated. Behind each of these numbers is human life! We believe, the Cabinet of Ministers will meet patient’s needs, and next year we will be able to provide medications for all severely ill patients”, she adds.   

UAH 3,9 billion was budgeted the previous year. After appeals sent and negotiations CF “Patients Ukraine” together with partners, the Minister of Finance Alexander Danyluk and acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun have held, it was managed to increase the budget for medicines up to UAH 2 billion. In particular, increased funding for the procurement of medicines for HIV-positive patients (up to UAH 484 million), TB-patients (up up to UAH 323 million), patients with adult oncology (to UAH 47 million), patients with adult hemophilia (up to UAH 301 million), phenylketonuria (up to UAH 39 million), viral hepatitis (up to UAH 14 million) and cardiovascular diseases (up to UAH 43 million). It was managed to cover 100% of need for children with cancer (increased funding up to UAH 205 million), and additionally to fund vaccination program (up to UAH 71 million). Also, we have managed to increase the budget for patients with rare diseases: mucopolysaccharidoses (up to UAH 218 million), disease Gaucher (up to UAH 34 million), rheumatoid arthritis (up tp UAH 77 million), cystic fibrosis (up to UAH 33 million), and pediatric hemophilia (up to UAH 104 million). For the first time, programs of substitution therapy have been financed (UAH 16,9 million).

In addition, international organizations will procure medications and vaccines with 2017 budget for the Ministry of Health. Due to this reform, in 2015 UAH 790 million has been managed to save up for Ukraine in comparison with 2014 year.

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