Patients of Rivne Oblast may monitor medicines leftovers online

Patients of Rivne Oblast may monitor medicines leftovers online

Information about medicines leftovers in hospitals of Rivne Oblast is available online for the patients. Representatives by CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Rivne Regional State Administration have said this information during presentation of the project “E-liky”. Since now patients has the opportunity to see the information about medicines leftovers, which are procured by the State.

“Every year, each hospital receives medicines that are procured by the State. Unfortunately, patients receive free medicaments very rarely. For this very reason, we’ve created the project “E-liky”. Due to this project, patients need only two clicks in the Internet to find the information on medicines in the hospital, where they are treated,” said Olga Stefanyshyna, Executive Director CF “Patients of Ukraine” . “It is about time when we don’t implore to open data on medicines leftovers, but state administrations ask our foundation for help. This is very good for all of us,” she adds.    

According to the Ministry of Health Order  as of 06.02.2016 #509, all the regional Health Departments are obliged to publish the information on medicines leftovers in hospitals. But before the project “E-liky” starts, to find out this information was extremely difficult. Currently,  to the web-site has been connected Rivne and Odesa Oblast, and also Konotop city of Sumy Oblast.

Authorities in Rivne are serious about changing the health care system.  “We want patients be treated with medicines, and public and media may monitor how the medicatiions procured by the State, are distributed. Web-site “E-liky” gives the opportunity to open data in easy way, and meet the patients and hospitals’ needs. Regional State Administration will control hospitals in order to ensure the functioning of this system,” said Deputy Head of Rivne Regional State Administration.

If patients have troubles with receiving medicines, they can contact support service due to a hot line. For convenience, activists developed a mobile application. By the end of December informational posters in each hospital of Rivne Oblast will be placed.

Currently, there are an interactive map and easy search engine on the web-site which help to find medicines by the brand name, as well as by the active substance. Information on medicines leftovers is updated weekly, each hospital has its personal page on the site for easy upload data. In addition, medicines’ names are synchronized with the State Formulary of Registered Medicines which prevents errors in names and product characteristics – state web-site developers.

 “Each hospital of Ukraine can connect the web-site. We call on to follow example of the Rivne Oblast which responded so quickly and opened information on the availability of medicines leftovers in hospitals of region. We hope that other regions also will show medicines leftovers at, says Alexander Koval, representative of the UN Development Program.

After the presentation, representatives of the Rivne Regional State Administration together with the journalists visited warehouse of Rivne central municipal hospital to ensure availability of medicines.

“E-liky” was created by CF “Patients of Ukraine” with the assistance of the IF “Renaissance” and in partnership with UNDP for Ukrainian patients.

Contact person: Aliona Romanyuk, 093 72 10 800,

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