Patients’ organizations have learnt how to use advocacy and PR tools effectively

Patients’ organizations have learnt how to use advocacy and PR tools effectively

Non-governmental organizations have learnt how to use advocacy and PR tools effectively in order to achieve socially important for patients goals. On August 30-31, 2016 the CF “Patients of Ukraine” conducted under the USAID “Cost(less) Medicine” Project training aimed at capacity building of NGOs.

The representatives of the following organizations took part in the two-day event: PO “Bat’ky za vaktsinatsiiu”, Ukrainian cancer federation, PO “Rozheva strichka Ukraina”, PO “Spark of Hope”, CF “STOP CANCER”, CF “Children with hemophilia”.

Qualified coaches shared their knowledge and experience in the sphere of advocacy. Executive Director of the Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” Olga Stefanyshyna, expert on advocacy of Reanimation Package of Reforms and the Board Member of “Transparency International Ukraine” Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, the representative of Anti-Corruption Action Centre Anastasiya Krasnosylska were among them. Through the case studies they explained what tasks advocacy can solve, which practices are effective and how to use advocacy tools in practice. Also, participants gained practical skills – due to grasped theoretical knowledge they managed to develop their own advocacy campaigns for organizations.

The leading media expert Dmytro Simanskyi and the Head of the Coordination Council of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH Dmytro Sherembey shared their knowledge with patients’ organizations on the peculiarities and nuances of PR. They told how to build effective communication between organizations and public, media and officials, explained how to organize press events effectively and present information to the media. Also, representatives of patients’ organizations practiced communication with journalists and learned how to go on cameras.

The organizers are confident that this experience will help organizations to build effective communication and defend the interests of thousands of patients with various diseases.

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