International organizations have procured oncology medicines 45% cheaper over MoH pricing

International organizations have procured oncology medicines 45% cheaper over MoH pricing

British procurement organization Crown Agents has procured medicines for the treatment of oncology in children and adults approx. 45% cheaper over the MoH pricing 2014.

It is almost UAH half a billion less than the Ministry of Health would spend when procuring the same medicines at prices of 2014. More than UAH 413 million are saved under the treatment program of oncology in adults and more than UAH 51 million — under the treatment program of oncology in children.

Overall, Crown Agents managed to procure at cheaper prices 32 of 45 medications under the treatment program of oncology in children, and 34 of 41 medications under the treatment program of oncology in adults. The price differences of some drugs reaches 22 times.

«International organizations once again proved their effectiveness. Over 40% of saved money on the procurement of medicines for cancer patients indicates that from one year to the next this money settles in pockets of corrupt officials. Every year seriously-ill patients are undersupplied with almost half of the medicines», — says Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of CF «Patients of Ukraine». Despite dirty manipulations, attempts of lobbyists of pharmaceutical mafia to disparage medicines procurements and international organizations in particular, «Crown Agents’ still has managed to procure medicines more efficiently than the Ministry of Health did it in previous year», — she added.

According to the information released by Crown Agents, the international organization managed to receive proposals on procurement of all necessary preparations according to the nomenclature submitted by the Ministry of Health. This is a precedent, considering the fact that all the medicines from the list have never been procured by the Ministry of Health. For example, in 2014 MoH was unable to procure such drugs as Calcium folinate, 30; Methotrexate, 100; Lenohrastym, 33,6.

Meaningful is the procurement of the medication Tasigna. Last year the Ministry of Health procured it almost twice more expensive from the company Hansa than Crown Agents did it from the company Farmadis this year. It is noteworthy that both distribution companies are associated with Petro Bahriy.

Medications such as Endoxan and Uromitexan Crown Agents was able to procure cheaper due to participation in tenders of the company-manufacturer Baxter. A similar situation happened to medications such as Doxorubicinum, Letrozolum, Methotrexatum, Piperacillinum / Tazobactamum, Fludarabinum, which were procured at lower prices due to participation in bids of official representative of Teva. Also international organizations procured such drugs as Dipherelin and Zarzio at a cheaper price from the same supplier as MoH did it the previous year (Liudmyla Farm LLC and Ukroptpostach LLC). Ukrainian manufacturer of Zoledronic acid Pharmex Group also sold Crown Agents its medicines at half lower price over the MoH pricing 2014.

Overall, 40% of tender-winners are manufacturers of medicines.

«Despite the fact that not only manufacturing companies participated in bids, international organizations managed to significantly reduce drug prices indicated by agents. This once again proves their effectiveness», — states Alexandra Ustinova from Anti-corruption Action Centre. Namely, procurement of cancer medicines caused the largest number of scandals. First of all, it happened because on this procurement agents earned the biggest «margins». That is why they sabotaged the signing of contracts and suppling of drugs.

«UAH half a billion of saved public money only proves the effectiveness of anti-corruption laws that we adopted in Parliament last year. This means that many more patients will receive drugs due to international procurements, nor is it would be if procure medicines through the Ministry of Health. This year, the Ministry of Health should transfer the procurement function to international organizations as soon as possible in order to prevent delays and interruption in the supply of medicines», — claims Hanna Hopko, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs.

It should be noted that the delay in the supply of medicines and vaccines in the framework of international procurements ocured due to sabotage within the Ministry of Health. During 8 months of the year 2015 the Ministry of Health delayed the development of regulations to the Laws #269-VIII and #332-VIII, which eventually put international organizations in time- and formal frames and close the door upon timely procurement of medicines and their delivery to Ukraine. In addition, through sabotage of Ukrainian agents the most part of the preparations under the treatment oncology is still not put to Ukrainian hospitals.

Currently, 8% medicines for cancer children and 41% of drugs for cancer adults are delivered to Ukraine. During July-August, according to the schedule of deliveries another 42% medicines for children 30% of medicines for adults will be also supplied. Last deliveries will take place in November due to a long production cycle of drugs.

Several medications are still under negotiations with the Ministry of Health, so the contacts aren’t singed yet.

The most striking difference in prices is for the following medicines:

MedicationPrice of Crown Agents in dollarsPrice of MoH in dollars
Gemcitabіne, amp., vial,
syringe, 200 mg
Gemcitabіne, amp., vial,
syringe, 1000 mg
Docetaxel, amp., vial,
syringe, 80 mg
Docetaxel, amp., vial,
syringe, 140 mg
Imatinib, tab., cap., pil, 100 mg0,915922,35
Imatinib, tab., cap., pil, 400 mg4,398596,50
Zoledronic acid, amp., vial, syringe, 4 mg10,117524,10
Oxaliplatin, amp., vial, syringe, 50 mg11, 182528,80
Triptorelin, amp., vial, syringe, 11,25 mg214,99292,10
Filgrastim, amp., vial, syringe, 48 million IU29,3346,91
Cisplatin, amp., vial, syringe, 50 mg6,3319,90
Cisplatin, amp., vial, syringe, 100 mg12,6537,60
Methotrexate, amp., vial, syringe, 1000 mg19,6949,40
Nilotinib, tab., cap., pill, 200 mg34,4553,00
Oxaliplatin, amp., vial, syringe, 50 mg11,1828,80

At the same time, several items appeared to be more expensive in comparison to the price of the MOH in 2014:

MedicationPrice of Crown Agents in dollarsPrice of MoH in dollars
Mitoxantrone, amp., vial, syringe, 20 mg49,7037,80
Amphotericin B – lipid complex В, amp., vial, syringe, 50 mg123,60131,63
Idarubicin, amp., vial, syringe, 5 mg76,1570,50
Rituximab, amp., vial, syringe, 100 mg226,57214,35
Rituximab, amp., vial, syringe, 500 mg1 118,251 072,00
Anti‐Thymocyte Globulin (Equine), amp., vial, syringe, 250 mg484,91238,80
Anti‐thymocyte Globulin (Rabbit), amp., vial, syringe, 25 mg165,52146,50
Human normal immunoglobulin for intravenous administration 10%, amp., vial, syringe, 50 mg356,78333,00
Itraconazole, amp., vial, syringe, 150 mg (10 mg/ml)47,88$45,80



Background information:

  • On November 6, 2015 the Ministry of Health and the Crown Agents signed the Agreement for the procurement of medicines for treatment oncology in children and adults;
  • The State allocated UAH 750 million for the medicines procurements under the treatment oncology 2015;
  • On December 7, 2015 the Crown Agents started its procedures of procurements of medicines for treatment oncology in children and adults.

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