Position of CF “Patients of Ukraine” on appointment of the Minister of Health of Ukraine

Position of CF “Patients of Ukraine” on appointment of the Minister of Health of Ukraine

The principle of political quotas, due to which Minister Kvitashvili and his First Deputy were appointed for their positions, has compromised itself! Moreover, inaction of the officials, who were appointed by the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko led to the lack of essential medications, and then – to disabilities and deaths of Ukrainian patients.

We demand:

  1. Abandon any political influence on the appointment of the Minister of the most important institution for Ukrainian people, and not to use the principle of political quotas in the appointment of the candidate for Acting Minister, as this principle has proved to be ineffective.
  2. Urgently, through open competition, with the involvement of relevant NGOs and anti-corruption organizations, select the candidate for this post, who will temporarily undertake the duties of the Minister of Health. Make this process as open and transparent as possible, involving all relevant stakeholders.
  3. The priority task of Acting Minister of Health is to provide the transfer of procurement of medicines and vaccines to international organizations in July-August this year, and so fulfill the Laws of Ukraine # 269-VIII from 19.03.2015 and # 332-VIII from 09.04.2015, which are recognized by the President as urgent and enshrined in the Coalition Agreement and the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Successful completion of this task will be an indicator based on which further decision on the entry of that person to the position of the Minister can be made. It will also help to initiate an effective reform in healthcare sector.

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