Research results: more than 36% of regional health tenders are failed in 2015

Research results: more than 36% of regional health tenders are failed in 2015

More than a third of all regional tenders in medicine are not conducted in 2014 year. Accordingly, a third part of the essential drugs and medical devices may not enter the hospitals this year.

These are the results of the monitoring procurement in the health sector in Zaporizhia, Volyn, Kherson and Chernihiv regions, which were presented during a press conference under the title “Failed regional medical requirements –  a threat to the lives of thousands of Ukrainians”, which was held on January, 27 in the Information Agency UNIAN’ s hall.

“The situation of drug procurement for hospitals is disastrous,says      Gleb Kanyevskyy, the expert of the Center for Political Studies and Analysis. – Because of corruption, negligence or simple inactivity of officials exists a real threat to the lives of thousands of patients all over of Ukraine”.

According to the survey results, in 2014 the worst medical purchasing situation was in Kherson region. 48% of all purchases were not conducted.

The situation in other areas is also needs to be improved. In particular, in Zaporizhia region the 38% of purchases were failed, in Chernihiv – 31%, in Volyn – 27%.

Dmitry Sherembey, the chairman of the CF “Patients Ukraine”, told about another problem of public procurement in the medical field – underfunding of programs.

“To fail region drug procurement, in a moment  when so many programs are underfinanced – it’s a crime against sick people, – says Dmitry Sherembey.For example, the program of drug purchasing for people living with HIV/AIDS is underfunded by 70% this year, it was given 218 million instead of 747 million allocated. And, when even this sum of money is not used because of “redistribution” of markets between the pharmaceutical mafia, those who are responsible for the failed procurement and human deaths are to be brought to justice”.

“The government must reconsider the size of budget financing of health care, – concludes Gleb Kanyevskyy. – Medicines are needed for “yesterday”. Therefore, measures to ensure the population medication should be taken immediately. We have already delivered all the necessary data to the Ministry of Health. The health and lives of Ukrainians now depend on how fast the bureaucrats will react.

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