For the first time the medicine for Ukraine will be procured through international organizations.

For the first time the medicine for Ukraine will be procured through international organizations.

“Patients of Ukraine” CF together with “Arzinger” LF have prepared and brought to the Ministry of Health the draft Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the drugs procurement through international organizations for state budget”. The developed Law will not only help to eliminate corruption from drug procurement, but will also provide lifesaving drugs for patients with HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and other diseases, and vaccines for children. The draft law provides the transfer of the state procurement of the drugs and vaccines to the international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF.

 Together with public organizations we have developed a draft law that will enable drug procurement through the world-renowned organizations such as WHO and UNICEF. It will not only lower the corruption level but will also give the patients a chance to receive the quality medicines on time. I hope that this first important step in healthcare reform will be unanimously supported by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, — commented Alexander Kvitashvili, Health Minister of Ukraine.

Today at the meeting in the Ministry of Health, the draft law was supported by the Minister and his deputies. The Coalition agreement of Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation 21.11.2014, as well as the provisions of paragraph 18, article 8 in the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted by the Supreme Council of Ukraine of 11.12.2014 № 26-VIII, include the need to eliminate the corruption schemes during the drug tenders and drug procurement in the healthcare system, the transfer of MoH functions to the international organizations in particular.

“After the last year’s total failure in drug procurement, the government must organize the process of delivering medicines to the patients and vaccines to the children quickly and efficiently. This draft law was developed in a very short time. If the MPs will take such a dynamic as a basis, the Ukrainians will have the necessary legislatives changed by the end of February. This means that the patients will receive all the necessary drugs in summer. Otherwise — the economic situation, dollar and corruption will “eat up” the entire budget of Ukraine for treatment”,added Olga Stefanyshyna, Executive Director of “Patients of Ukraine” CF.

The draft law was developed within few weeks with the participation of qualified lawyers and takes into account worldwide experience of international organizations involvement into public procurement procedures in the field of medicine.

«This is the first precedent when patients are the co-authors of the law, and try to help the country find effective tools for solving problems with the purchase of medicines. We reviewed the existing legislation and propose to make the necessary changes in the laws that will save thousands of lives», – says Lana Sinichkyna, Partner of LF «Arzinger».

International experience indicates that the involvement of international organizations, by countries which do not have well-functioning system of public procurement, in the purchase of medicines for public funds provides a number of advantages both for patients and for health care system and provides budget savings.

The successful experience of international organizations involvement into the procurement of medicines for public funds demonstrate examples of transition countries such as Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, as well as several countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Through the use of such a mechanism, these countries ensure on-time delivery of effective, safe and quality medicines and budget saving for the purchase of medicines up to 30%.

The explanatory note to the law states the following benefits of the draft law: reducing supply chain of medicinal products  (many drugs are purchased by international organizations under direct contracts with manufacturers which allows to get the best price and quality assurance); Providing high-quality procurement of drugs through the strict requirements that apply to drugs; Providing speeds purchases through procurement of pre-qualified international organization; Eliminating corruption risks related to the procurement of drugs by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Procurement according to transparent and open rules and procedures of international organizations; The ability to purchase drugs at low prices due to the large volume of purchases carried out by international organizations and through the long-term framework agreements with suppliers.

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