Trial of patients. Preview

Trial of patients. Preview

Dear journalists!

On November 4, Darnytsia District Court will hold court hearings in the case against the Head of the CF «Patients of Ukraine» Dmytro Sherembey. To support their colleague, activists and representatives of Ukraine’s patients’ and anticorruption organisations will line up in front of the court building stairs wearing handcuffs as a symbol that every corruption and freedom of speech campaigner in Ukraine can be prosecuted and tried similarly to Dmytro Sherembey.

Briefing for the media and the protest action will take place at 9:30 am on 4th November (Tuesday) at the following address: 5-A Koshytsia Street.


The media briefing will be held by:

–          Dmytro Sherembey, defendant, Head of the CF «Patients of Ukraine»

–          Vira Krat, human rights lawyer

Representatives of the «Anti-Corruption Action Centre», Transparency International Ukraine, patients and activists will also participate in the action.

The core of the matter is that after the public exposure of a corrupt scheme during the registration of hepatitis C drugs, the Head of the CF «Patients of Ukraine» was severely prosecuted, with criminal proceedings opened against him. The documents which clearly demonstrate the fact of corruption in the process of clinical trials and drug registration, will be presented at the media briefing.

Contact person:

Shutko Lesia – 067 245 38 75

Krasnenkova Natalia – 067 465 54 26

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