MOH selected 12 experts for development of health care reforms in Ukraine for 2015-2025

MOH selected 12 experts for development of health care reforms in Ukraine for 2015-2025

Today, Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced the list of Strategic Advisory Group Experts on health seeking to provide assistance to the MOH in development of long-term vision in health care reforms in Ukraine.
As a result of an open competition, 12 specialists, including 7 Ukrainians and 5 experts from the other countries were selected as part of the group. It includes – the former Minister of Health of Georgia, Alexander Kvitashvili, former Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, Igor Yakovenko, international expert in the area of health reforms, Antonio Duran and other respective specialists.

Professional accomplishments and expertise in health care sector were the core criterion for selection of the participants. In general, the Ministry received 102 applications for participation in the expert’s group.

According to regulations, the group should meet at least once every 3 weeks for joint work and discussions. The first group meeting is to be held in the nearest future.

The coordination committee spearheaded by the Deputy Head of WHO Country Office in Ukraine, Igor Pereginets, leader of Human Development Sector of the World Bank in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, Paolo Belli, acting Director of Program Initiatives IRF “Public Health”, Elena Kucheruk and Ministry of Health Advisor, Igor Naida will be tasked to identify technical specifications for the experts. Also, head of CF «Patients of Ukraine», Dmytro Sherembey joined the coordination committee to represent civic society organizations. Minister of Health of Ukraine, Oleg Musiy spearheads the coordination group.

The International “Renaissance” Foundation will provide financial support to the group. At the initiative of the Foundation, similar groups are also established in the other ministries to ensure an efficient implementation of reforms in various sectors.

It was decided to include representatives of patients’ and civic society organizations that have been actively engaged in implementation of health reforms, in particular those that are involved in development of emergency reforms package into the Secretariat that will be tasked to provide versatile organizational support.

Drafting of the national strategy for building a new health care system in Ukraine for 2015-2025 – program document that should define the path for health care reforms in Ukraine will be the first objective of the Strategic Advisory Group.

«I am confident that fair and open competition held by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the first time in its history will be fundamental in development of unbiased and successful health reforms. We take into account the best international experience» – stated Minister of Health, Oleg Musiy.

«Breaking the existing healthcare system, built during the Soviet era and creating a new model acceptable for Ukraine based on the best international practices will become the number one task for us as a group – says Dmyro Sherembey, Head of CF “Patients of Ukraine”. – The open competition made it possible to attract the experts that are tasked to eliminate corruption-based practices and promote health of Ukrainians as one of the key priorities».

Comprehensive list of the Strategic Advisory Group Experts approved by the Coordination committee:

  1. Oleg Petrenko (Ukraine), first deputy general director of private multidisciplinary clinic “Oberig”, Advisor to the Minister of Health in 2005-2007.
  2. Kvitashvili Alexander, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Policy of Georgia in 2008-2010, international consultant on implementation of social, educational and humanitarian policy.
  3. Igor Yakovenko (Ukraine), Freelance Advisor of the World Bank on health care financing, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine in 2008 and 2010.
  4. Rob Yates (UK), a senior health economist at World Health Organization, expert on universal access to health care.
  5. Tihomir Stritsrep (Croatia), international consultant in health care financing with experience in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).
  6. Nicholas Prodanchuk (Ukraine), director of the scientific center for preventive toxicology, food and chemical safety named after academician L. I Medved
  7. Antonio Duran (Spain), international consultant on organization and policy in health sector with an extensive experience in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria).
  8. Fishchuk Roman (Ukraine), ENT specialist, Master of Business Administration in Health Care.
  9. Dumenko Tatiana (Ukraine), Director of department for rational pharmacotherapy and maintenance of state formulary at State Expert Center MoH Ukraine, authorized representative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine at WHO centers on pricing and reimbursement of medicines.
  10. Ain Aaviksoo (Estonia), consultant on e-Health, head of the group that introduced e-Health in Estonia.
  11. Kurpita Volodymyr (Ukraine), health specialist at WHO Country Office in Ukraine (2005-2008), Executive Director of PLWH Network (2008, 2014). Developer and founder of the number of national treatment protocols and new systems of monitoring and managing medications (ART), head of the State Service of Ukraine on AIDS and other Socially Dangerous Diseases (2014)
  12. Andriy Guk (Ukraine), expert in public health and health care organization with an extensive experience in international projects in Ukraine.

MOH, Ukraine press-service

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