Sick Ukrainians may die due to delays in medicines procurements tenders

Sick Ukrainians may die due to delays in medicines procurements tenders

“The Ministry of Healthcare has not announced calls for applications to hold public procurement of medicines to treat life-threatening diseases yet. The tenders were originally scheduled for April – May, but as of early June they have not been even announced. This will prevent thousands of patients living with HIV, haemophilia, phenylketonuria, cystic fibrosis and with such scaring diagnosis as cancer from getting their medicines in time and they will be forced to stop their treatments.In many cases these developments will pose a risk of their health deterioration and even death. Additionally, all previous treatment interventions for these patients covered by public funds will turn out to be inefficient and a waste of money”, – the statement addressed to O. Musiy, the Minister of Healthcare, says; the statement was submitted by a group of patients’ community and civil society organizations. The statement was publicized today.

The patients of Ukraine’s statement demand to announce calls for applications for tenders to procure life-saving (essential) medicines not later than next week, namely – on June 10. Otherwise, it is already in September due to discontinuations and lack of medicines’ supply, Ukraine will face thousands of deaths and disabilities due to health deterioration, the letter says.

“Every year the Ministry of Health repeats the same mistake by delaying calls for applications related to public procurement of medicines, Olha Stefanyshyna, Patients of Ukraine Executive Director, notes. – Earlier on these delays were explained by building corruption schemes and internal collusion agreements: this process was taking some time. But even last year under office of such corrupt public servant as Ms. Bohatyryova, MoH tenders were announced in February. Now we do not quite understand the reason for these delays but we warn the Minister that delays in announcing calls for applications for tenders pose a serious threat for patients. We are aware of the fact that the new team need some time to cleanse the system off and fire corrupt officials, however patients cannot wait, therefore we request Mr. Musiy to call the tenders immediately and to start the process of procurements” – Olha added.

The statement also says that the patients’ community has launched negotiations with pharmaceutical companies and the Ministry of Health on procuring medicines at reduced prices this year. There is a high probability that pharmaceutical sector is ready to make a humanitarian step and to offer some medicines for free. This will make it possible to meet the needs of patients of Ukraine in treatment despite economic downturn and devaluation of hryvnia.

“Even taking into account the staff rotations at the Ministry of Health and the challenging political situation in the country, we consider announcing calls for applications for tenders as soon as possible to be the highest priority for the Ministry. All that said, we ask you, Minister Musiy and the First Deputy Minister to undertake urgent measures to ensure the tenders to procure medicines are announced not later than on June 10, 2014”, – the statement shared by the Patients of Ukraine underscores.

The statement was signed by more than 20 representatives of Ukrainian NGO.

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Contact persons:

Natalya Krasnenkova:
067 465 54 26

Oleksandra Ustinova:
067 550 15 70

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