Together we Rock!

Community activists, organizations and volunteer groups have agreed today to join efforts in initiatives aimed at improving access to treatment for all Ukrainians.

«Every day in Ukraine 1607 people dyi from the lack of medicine. Ukrainians’ „kilers“ are various diseases from tuberculosis and AIDS to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The purpose of NGOs and patient organizations — to stop this happening. But now, when we are together this goal becomes a task, which we can cope with», — says Olga Stefanyshyna, executive director of the «Patients of Ukraine» (UCAB) and the coordinator of this initiative.

Now Memorandum on cooperation and mutual support have signed 30 non-governmental organizations, including “Patients of Ukraine «(UCAB ), All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, the Coalition «For a smoke-free country,» UBF «Down Syndrome», «Stop Hepatitis» CF, «Stop Cancer », Association parents of children with autism, NGO «Association of Parents of children with juvenile rheumatoid artirtom «Joy of movement » , and others.
The Memorandum is open for signatures, you can join it by sending a letter to:

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