Patients demand to cancel the 30% governmental reduction on healthcare

Patients demand to cancel the 30% governmental reduction on healthcare

Today Charitable foundation «Patients of Ukraine» addressed the Prime Minister Arseniy Yacenyuk with official appeal not to cut the state budget for healthcare. Newly appointed Minister of Healthcare, Mr. Oleh Musiy, officially stated that in line with the other ministries his institution has been given a task to reduce its budget up to 30%.

«It is totally unacceptable to reduce the expenses for state medicine, as this area has been permanently underfunded, according to state 2014 budget plan to up to 40% — states Dmytro Sherembei, The Head of Charitable foundation „Patients of Ukraine“ (UCAB). — Budget cuts in healthcare means hundreds and thousands of lives, mutilations and disabilities. We need not to cut the already trimmed to minimum budget, having in mind the condition of our hospitals. We need to search for additional funds and prepare the healthcare industry reform package, which was declared by the newly appointed government».

We would like to remind you, that according to the official statement of Oleksandr Shlapak, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Ukraine’s state budget will be reduced by 48 billion. Other sources announce cut by 65-80 billion. Mr. Oleh Musiy, Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine (MOH), on March 12th informed that the economization in healthcare means 30% reduction from the numbers previously incorporated in the state budget for 2014.

«The reduction of hospital’s costs by 30% without compromising the quality of treatment of seriously ill children and reduction of doctors’ wages is simply impossible, — commented Hanna Gopko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Special National Childrens’ Hospital „Okhmatdyt“. — During economic crisis we need to search for alternative ways to fill the budget and to cut expenses for state executives in the sphere».

It is worth noting, that before adopting the State budget for 2014, the prior government of Mykola Azarov was working upon similar scenario and had significantly reduced the budget of MOH while increasing the funding of defense and law enforcement agencies. In the autumn of 2013 this caused a huge public and patient community resistance. For instance, the state funding for children with oncology had been reduced by almost 70%, namely by 166 million. In the same time the funding of Internal Affairs Ministry was increased by 2 billion, amounting to 18 billion. In comparison with this number, the funding for whole healthcare was only 9,8 billion.

In addition, in their open letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Yatsenyuk the activists noted that they are willing to help in search of additional funding for Ukraine’s healthcare system and are ready to take an active part in reforming the state’s healthcare system.

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