Patients and public organizations revealed the lustration list of MOH officials

Patients and public organizations revealed the lustration list of MOH officials

Patients and public organizations revealed the lustration list of MOH officials

Patients’ and civil society organizations issued a lustration list of officials of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Activists demand their dismissal from key positions in the Ministry and investigation of their acts of abuse of official duties.

The list included Deputy Ministers appointed during the last Minister of Health ministerial post and/or were involved in many corruption schemes of Ministry of Health. Namely: Tolstanov Olexandr, Deputy Minister, Roman Bogachev, Deputy Minister, responsible for the procurement of drugs at public expense, Volodymyr Karasyk, Deputy Minister and chief lobbyist of Boris Lytovsky. For example, Mr. Karasyk used to be a member of the supervisory board of ‘Medical World’ organization, established to protect the business interests of Mr. Lytovsky, one of the pharmaceutical moguls of Ukraine.

“We call on the new Minister of Health to appoint new professionals to key positions, who are ready to implement systematic change, not bureaucrats, who for years have been destroying the healthcare system in Ukraine and plundered public funds, — says Dmytro Sherembey, head of the organization ‘Patients of Ukraine (UCAB). — These people have already proven ineffective. If the old team remains — the old system we fought against for years will remain.” — he added.

Activists noted that thorough investigations carried out by anti-corruption non-governmental organizations, in particular Anti-Corruption Action Centre and the Temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine have shown that some of these officials had been involved in corruption schemes in state tenders, which led to their enrichment.

According to Vitaly Shabunin, head of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, their analytical report “clearly shows who and how used schemes to steal state budget costs, allocated for the procurement of drugs for Ukrainians with dangerous diseases.” Activists were preparing the report for more than a year. For example, the report states that the MOH bidding committee since March 2012 was managed by Deputy Health Minister Roman Bogachev, who concurrently (in accordance with the order of distribution of duties) supervises and coordinates the activities of SJSC ‘Ukrmedprom’. The head of ‘Ukrmedprom’ is Dmytro Politiko, a classmate and close friend of Bogachev. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of ‘Indar’ plant, thus having access to internal documents of the plant. Communication between Bogachev and Politiko creates favorable conditions for the discharge of information from the Ministry of Health in to ‘Indar’ and adjustment of their actions on public tender. “It is worth noting that right after the appointment of Mr.Bogachev as the Deputy Minister of Health with his friend being a member of the supervisory board of ‘Indar’, the plant immediately began to participate and win in the competitive bidding of MOH. Therefore, if we want to stop corruption in the Ministry of Health, the most important thing is to prevent the appointment of the same people who for years have robbed Ukrainian patients to the leadership positions. There is enough evidence to start criminal proceedings on these officials instead of allowing them to work further in the ministry,” — he added.

Patients’ community representatives are outraged with Mr.Tolstanov restoration as Deputy Minister. According to patients, he is responsible for hundreds of children with cystic fibrosis receiving substandard medicines, which led to serious life-threatening complications. ‘It took us more than 6 months to fight with Mr. Tolstanov to provide children with a rare disease with quality drugs, and not a substitute for the manufacturer, whose interests were defended by the Deputy Minister. That is why we consider unacceptable his restoration to the post, — says Olga Stefanyshyna, Executive director of the CF ‘Patients of Ukraine’ (UCAB).

The leading patients’ organizations of Ukraine including CF ‘Patients of Ukraine’ (UCAB), The All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, OKHMATDET Board of Trustees, the NGO ‘Anti-Corruption Action Center’ and others signed the appeal and the reference list.

Apart from lustration of key officials, these organizations called new health minister Oleg Musiy to include representatives of patient and public organizations in all stages of the tenders on procurement of medicines and equipment. Thereby, activists can participate and monitor tenders in Ukraine.

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