Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the State Program to fight Hepatitis

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the State Program to fight Hepatitis

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the first in the history of Ukraine State Program to fight hepatitis. In fact, this document is crucial in the area of treatment of Hepatitis B and C. The Government has juridically fixed the mechanism of funds allocation for treatment of people living with these diseases.

«This is a tremendous achievement for Ukraine — states Dmitry Sherembey, the Chair of UCAB. — Over 21 years of Ukrainian independence no cent was allocated by the Government for treatment of people living with hepatitis. Today for the first time, the Government ensures money for people living with these life-threatening viruses. It means, that we overcame the major argument of the state officials — the absence of the State program as the mechanism of money allocation» — he adds.

The Program is designed for the next 3 years, and presupposes not only treatment, but timely diagnostics of the disease as well.

«We have always defended the right of each Ukrainian for full medical help, — says Vladimir Zhovtyak, the Head of the Coordination Council of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH. — And we are ready to cooperate with the Government to monitor the effective usage of the funds that were allocated.»

«Now, when there is the State Program to fight Hepatitis, we are ready for the next step — price reduction for medicines — states Andrey Klepikov, the Executive Director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine. — We, as public organizations, will put all our efforts to achieve price reduction at minimum 50%. Thus much more patients will get a possibility to be treated at the same amount of money»

It should be noted, that the State Hepatitis Program adoption became possible due to big patient and public action «The Condemned» under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. After this action the Government of Ukraine promised to approve the State Hepatitis Program, as well as to allocate money for treatment of people living with hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Ukraine.

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” animation=”none” background=”plain”]Accroding to non-governmental organizations, around 3.5 million of Ukrainians today are infected with hepatitis in Ukraine.[/dt_quote]

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