President ordered to finance the measures on overcoming HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C in 2013

President ordered to finance the measures on overcoming HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C in 2013

The President instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to take steps in order to prevent the spread of epidemics of tuberculosis, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis and to provide affordable medical assistance to citizens suffering from the given deceases.

According to the instruction, after the first quarter of 2013, the Government should submit to consideration of the Verkhovna Rada the draft law on amendments to the State Budget taking into account the expenditures for combating and preventing tuberculosis, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis in accordance with reasonable needs.

The Cabinet of Ministers should also improve the mechanism of using costs of charity funds and international organizations aimed at purchase and supply of medicines and medical products for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

The Head of State also instructed the Government to submit to the Parliament the draft law on State Program of Ensuring the Prevention of HIV, Treatment, Care and Support for HIV-infected and People with AIDS for 2014-2018.

The instruction also provides for the Ministry of Health Care to submit proposals on improving the system of state management in prevention and combating the given deceases taking into consideration the international experience. The document emphasizes the necessity to eliminate interruption of treatment due to untimely purchase or supply of medicines.

The Ministry of Health Care should also increase the efficiency of prevention and combating tuberculosis, taking into account: primary coverage of risk groups with screening and tuberculosis diagnostics, finish of optimization of laboratories network aimed at microbiological diagnosis of tuberculosis and creation of National Reference Laboratory according to the recommendations of the WHO.

The President also instructed the representatives of local power to approve regional programs of preventing and combating tuberculosis until February 1, 2013, taking into account the provision of all the necessary equipment to medical institutions.

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