President ordered to finance the measures on overcoming HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C in 2013

The President instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to take steps in order to prevent the spread of epidemics of tuberculosis, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis and to provide affordable medical assistance to citizens suffering from the given deceases.

Ministry of Health has undertaken to involve patients to all relevant tender committees

Today, as a result of the round table «Transparency of governmental procurements 2013», Ministry of Health and NGOs have signed a resolution that strengthened the timing of tenders in Ukraine, as well as their transparency.

Today, HIV-positive child was ignored in the Ukrainian Parliament

State Budget of Ukraine for 2013, voted on today by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, became fatal sentence for 110,000 Ukrainians living with HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis — it was reported today by the representatives of UCAB patient […]

President WILL NOT CLOSE Ukraine under QUARANTINE

Thanks to successful advocacy action “Ukraine under QUARANTINE!”, initiated by UCAB, the President of Ukraine intervened into budgeting process for the sake of patients.

Ukraine under QUARANTINE!

«Ukraine under QUARANTINE!» — this is the letter received today by the Ambassadors of foreign countries to Ukraine.

UCAB became one of the main advocates for patients’ rights for treatment in Ukraine during 2 years of its existence

During the last UCAB meeting on 29-31 October, 2012, main priorities for the next year were defined, and work undertaken over the last 2 years (since establishment) was summarized.

Patients announced I-don’t-care-ist MPs list

Today people, infected with tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis, addressed to the President of Ukraine Viktor F. Yanukovych asking to save their lives by issuing a special order to allocate UAH 1 billion in the 2013 budget for their […]

MOH wants to rob terminally ill Ukrainians of 37 mln Hryvnya

Public opinion leaders call for MOH reviewing results of the bid to procure medications to treat people living with HIV/AIDS! They wrote about it in their first joint appeal to Raisa Bogatyryova, Minister of Health. When comparing […]

Europeans urged President Yanukovych to stop epidemics in Ukraine

2.5 thousand signatures of European citizens have already been collected by European non-governmental organizations in support of their Petition to the President of Ukraine with a call to allocate funds for the combating of the AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis […]

A tenfold reduction of the price for pegylated interferons

The members of UCAB Board Dmytro Sherembey and Bogdan Zaika participated in a meeting that took place in Tbilisi and was devoted to issues of access to Hepatitis C treatment. The meeting participants decided that an advocacy campaign was […]