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Patients Brought a Rake to the MOH

Patients with life-threatening diseases brought their appeal and a rake to the Ministry of Health Ukraine. By this act they demanded that the state drug procurement tenders be announced timely. Patients are resentful that the new Ministry leaders might trigger a backflash just like their predecessors who delayed tenders for drug procurements, and ultimately the ones who’d suffer would be patients…

UCAB became one of the main advocates for patients’ rights for treatment in Ukraine during 2 years of its existence

During the last UCAB meeting on 29-31 October, 2012, main priorities for the next year were defined, and work undertaken over the last 2 years (since establishment) was summarized.

Effective treatment for all patients in Ukraine — the main goal of UCAB by 2015

The main goal for the coming 3 years was approved at the General Assembly meeting of the Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) on February, 10 — 11, 2012, which states: To ensure that all patients get effective treatment in Ukraine by uniting activists and changing state policy in the area of health care.


To all Ukrainian people!

Patients suspended unreliable drugs trial on 60 Ukrainian people

For more than a year already international and patient organizations tried to get precise information from Mili Healthcare pharmaceutical company about their new biosimilar product Peginterferon for HCV treatment. This drug was registered in 2010 and is now on its way for wide marketing in Ukraine. At the same time, no reliable data on quality, safety and effectiveness of this drug was submitted to any governmental bodies. «It’s just ridiculous, when a company tries to say that data about the drug is confidential and belongs to the laboratory, where this trial was made. Even patients cannot receive this data — those people who will undergo this experiment». — says Olha Havrylova, UCAB deputy Head, CEO of the NGO «Stop Hepatitis». Starting from November this year the company was going to start trial of the drug with unknown compounds and quality on Ukrainians, and for a couple of months was trying to aggressively recruit patients to it. «This piece of news was completely unexpected for us. There’s almost no HCV treatment in Ukraine while its price gains USD US$20,000 per year. And there are up to 3 mln. people living with HCV in Ukraine. Naturally, people will take any risk in order to cure this disease. Fortunately, patients intervened into situation, and the company declared that the trial will not be launched before our patient organization doesn’t have reliable data about the drug and approve trial protocol, which is going to be held in Ukraine.» said Dmytro Sherembey, the Head of UCAB, and the Director of Communication, Policy & Advocacy Department of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH. Due to the presence of key governmental bodies at the meeting — the State expert Center and the Central Ethical Committee of the MoH of Ukraine — the patients managed to persuade the pharmaceutical company to register their trial in the state bodies according to the legislation of Ukraine. [dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” animation=”none” background=”plain”] Additional information: HCV epidemic represents one of the crucial health care problems in Ukraine and in the world due to its high prevalence and high chances of life-threatening states evolvement (inflammations, swelling of the liver). At the same time, possibilities of Ukrainian patients to get high quality treatment are seriously limited. The reason for this is unreasonably low governmental commitment in solving treatment issues, extremely high prices for drugs produced by originator companies on the one hand and low quality of bio-similar drugs imported to Ukraine on the other hand. [/dt_quote]Download a[rel~="mtli_filesize52250kB"]:after {content:" (522.50 kB)"}

Meeting with ViiV/GSK

During the meeting of UCAB members and state bodies’ representatives for the first time an agreement on the inclusion of patients into the group under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) responsible for the list of drugs for procurement was reached.

Meeting with MSD

WHO prequalification should be an obligatory condition for the state procurements of generic medications

Meeting with ABBOTT

The first meeting of Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) and the representatives of pharmaceutical company took place on April, 19-21. The first company, who met the community, was Abbott Laboratories Ltd.

Meeting with Gilead

During the meeting of Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) with the representatives of Gilead Sciences, an opportunity to supply in-kind drugs donation for more than 3,000 Ukrainian patients living with HIV was discussed.

Presentation meeting UCAB

New player in pharmaceutical market of Ukraine On January 31-st the first open meeting of UCAB — a specialized board of patients for lobbying their interests in front of pharmaceutical companies — took place.