International organizations have procured oncology medicines 45% cheaper over MoH pricing

It is almost UAH half a billion less than the Ministry of Health would spend when procuring the same medicines at prices of 2014. More than UAH 413 million are saved under the treatment program of oncology in adults and more than UAH 51 million — under the treatment program of oncology in children.

Parliamentarians have made a major hit on corruption — the Verkhovna Rada approved the bill № 4484 as of 26.05.2016. Now it is for the President to decide

On May 30, 2016 the Verkhovna Rada adopted in general in the first reading the bill № 4484 introduced on April 26, 2016, aimed at simplifying the procedure of medicines authorization in Ukraine. The bill was initiated by the Prime Minister […]

Patients Ruined Pharmaceutical Lobbyist Wall in Front of the Cabinet of Ministers

Activists of the patients and public organizations came to the building of the Cabinet of Ministers protesting against micromanagement of the pharmaceutical market regulation. The patients who have to illegally import the medications not authorized in Ukraine […]

MoH Intends to Annul Pharmaceutical Market Deregulation Initiated by Groysman

The Ministry of Health intends to annul the simplified authorization of medicines introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine a few weeks ago. These provisions submitted by the MoH sit in the amendments to the government bill No 4484 on the […]

Patients will be able to receive free medicines after the lists of available pharmaceuticals are made public

Today at the roundtable «Online services of free drugs: from Odesa to the whole country» the CF «Patients of Ukraine» together with the experts told about open stock lists of left-over medications as an effective way to fight corruption […]

Due to International Procurements Ukraine Managed to Reduce Prices on Medicines Purchased by the Ministry of Health in 2015

Pursuant to the documents made public by UNDP the economy during procurements of pediatric hemophilia medicines raised USD 1.4 million comparing to the previous year. All the medications procured by the international organization were cheaper than the same medications purchased by the MoH in 2014.

«Radio Era» and the CF «Patients of Ukraine» Won the Court Case against Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The point is that the Association Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Ukraine with its President Petro Bagriy, which is the known «frontrunner» of the tenders organized by the Ministry of Health, accused the patients organization and the mass media in dissemination of false information, which allegedly asserted a negative influence on the activities of the Association (Article 201 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

Over 28 000 patients will get tuberculosis treated due to savings under the international procurements

In 2015 public budget for the procurement of antituberculosis medicines has been reduced by approximately USD 3 million in comparison to the 2014 budget. The number of patients in need of treatment, on the contrary, —increased. Nevertheless, in these circumstances international organizations […]

The Government has «written off» more than 100 thousand terminally ill patients

Today severely ill patients gathered in front of the Cabinet of Ministers building with the demand to reallocate funds in the Budget 2016 for treatment of seriously ill Ukrainians. Near the walls of the Government’s building they […]

Innovative hepatitis C treatment will be available to Ukrainian patients this year

In Ukraine every 11th Ukrainian is infected with hepatitis C. For decades this disease condemned hundreds of thousands of patients to a painful and slow death. To cure this terrible […]