Every Other Patient in Ukraine Refuses from Treatment because of High Prices for Medicines – Findings of the Research

Every other patient in Ukraine refuses from treatment or postpones it because of money shortages. High cost of medications is considered by 94% 0f patients involved in the focus-group discussions […]

Anticorruption and patients organizations accused the Committee on Public Health in politicization of medicines procurement process

Public, anticorruption and patients organizations called Olga Bohomolets and members of Committee on Public Health not to discredit the successful reform in the healthcare sector – procurements of medicines and […]

The Tasigna drug for the treatment of patients with leukemia was procured by the international organization UNDP almost three times cheaper in comparison with the prices of the Ministry of Health

While the Ministry of Health procured the Tasigna drug (Nilotinib, 200 mg, capsules) at $ 53.27 per tablet, the United Nations Development Program managed to procure this drug of the […]

Simplified Medicines Authorization System Launched in Ukraine

Simplified Medicines Authorization System has been launched in Ukraine. The Ministry of Justice registered and published a corresponding Order of the Ministry of Health, ensuring that medicines authorized in USA, […]

Civil society made public the “black list” of pharmaceutical companies worked through distributors of dubious reputation

24 foreign pharmaceutical manufacturing companies took part in the international procurements in Ukraine through Ukrainian distributors. This is reported by the CF “Patients of Ukraine”, All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH and […]

State Budget of Ukraine: UAH 5,9 billion was allocated for medications for severely ill patients

UAH 5,9 billion was allocated from the State Budget for medications for severely ill patients. Tonight deputies have voted for the relevant document. Patients with HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, pediatric […]

Patients of Rivne Oblast may monitor medicines leftovers online

Information about medicines leftovers in hospitals of Rivne Oblast is available online for the patients. Representatives by CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Rivne Regional State Administration have said this information during presentation […]

Civil society calls on Groysman not to appoint odious State Secretaries

Patients’ and anti-corruption communities demand Government and Volodymyr Groysman not to appoint Natalia Sholoyko as State Secretary for the Ministry of Health due to the conflict of interests and her […]

Open data on leftovers of medicines procured by the State ruined the corruption schemes in Odesa Oblast

More than 20 thousand citizens of Odesa Oblast used the services of web-site liky.odesa.ua where data on leftovers of medicines, which are procured at public expenses and can be received […]

Activists Pressed Government for Increase of Budget on Medicines Procurement by UAH 2 Billion

Seriously ill patients will receive far more medicines in 2017.  Draft Budget-2017 allocates UAH 5,9 billion for procurement of medicines for patients with HIV, TB, viral hepatitis, pediatric and adult […]