30 pills a day should take a sick child due to the corruption in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (press-release)

Today mothers and children with Cystic fibrosis offered the officials of the Ministry of Health to take 30 pills at once. That’s the quantity of pills a sick child should take according to the new tender announcement, posted […]

Today, hundreds of Ukrainians lined up for medicines

On March 1, 2013 the Law of Ukraine on drugs import licensing № 5038-VI comes into force, which will paralyze the importation of foreign drugs to Ukraine. According to the Law, starting from spring all foreign drugs should […]

Medicines will disappear from pharmacies in Ukraine starting from the 1st of March

Today, NGOs, patients and average Ukrainians appealed to the President of Ukraine with an open letter, calling to cancel the Law № 5038-VI, which will lead to a significant increase in drug prices, and due to which some drugs […]

Prices for medicines to treat hepatitis in Ukraine will be reduced tenfold

During a roundtable discussion «Access to treatment for hepatitis C in Ukraine» held today patient groups have made a commitment to achieve lower prices for drugs used to treat hepatitis C.

President ordered to finance the measures on overcoming HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C in 2013

The President instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to take steps in order to prevent the spread of epidemics of tuberculosis, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis and to provide affordable medical assistance to citizens suffering from the given deceases.

Ministry of Health has undertaken to involve patients to all relevant tender committees

Today, as a result of the round table «Transparency of governmental procurements 2013», Ministry of Health and NGOs have signed a resolution that strengthened the timing of tenders in Ukraine, as well as their transparency.

Today, HIV-positive child was ignored in the Ukrainian Parliament

State Budget of Ukraine for 2013, voted on today by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, became fatal sentence for 110,000 Ukrainians living with HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis — it was reported today by the representatives of UCAB patient […]

President WILL NOT CLOSE Ukraine under QUARANTINE

Thanks to successful advocacy action “Ukraine under QUARANTINE!”, initiated by UCAB, the President of Ukraine intervened into budgeting process for the sake of patients.

Ukraine under QUARANTINE!

«Ukraine under QUARANTINE!» — this is the letter received today by the Ambassadors of foreign countries to Ukraine.

UCAB became one of the main advocates for patients’ rights for treatment in Ukraine during 2 years of its existence

During the last UCAB meeting on 29-31 October, 2012, main priorities for the next year were defined, and work undertaken over the last 2 years (since establishment) was summarized.