The State will finance the Hepatis C treatment for the first time ever

Today, for the first time in the history of Ukraine the Cabinet of Ministers signed the State Program on combating Hepatitis in Ukraine and the relevant allocation of funds. According to this document the Government will allocate […]

MoH will procure Quality Drugs for Children with Cystic Fibrosis

The Ministry of Health obliged domestic manufacturers of the drug «Kreazim» to exclude the diagnosis «cystic fibrosis» from the diseases listed in the instructions for the drug. Now children with this disease cannot be treated […]

Patients from the Clinic on the Territory of the Lavra Will Not Be Evicted

Today, a memorandum was signed between the Church, the state and patients regarding the inviolability of the L.V. Gromashevskii Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases in the Kiev-Pecherska Lavra until the new premises for […]

Oncological Tricks at the Ministry of Health

Cancer patients asked doctors and officials not to steal their medications. Next to the Ministry of Health building a magician in a doctor’s white coat demonstrated the «tricks» that happen every day with medications at the oncology […]

The 1st edition of UCAB on the control over the state tender procurement of medicines

What the tender is? Most of Ukrainians would guess it is the embezzlement or some sort of carving up. That is how tenders usually characterized in our country. And we […]

Memorandum concerning corruption in public procurement of medicines in 2012-2013

This analytical brief was prepared specifically for the Interim committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on investigation of violation of law in public procurement, inefficient use of public funds […]

The head of AIDS center demands a bribe from the patients

Today, Friday, June 14, patients and activists brought a large «golden» fig to the building of the Kyiv Regional Center for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS. It was a response to an acting chief physician of the Center, who demanded […]

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the State Program to fight Hepatitis

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the first in the history of Ukraine State Program to fight hepatitis. In fact, this document is crucial in the area of treatment of Hepatitis B and C. The Government has juridically fixed the mechanism […]

Condemned to death came to the Cabinet of Ministers

Today, 100 Ukrainians with cotton sacks on their heads, as if condemned to death, lined into a living wall in front of the Cabinet, accompanied by beating of drums. All of them are patients with terminal illness — namely, hepatitis, tuberculosis, […]

Tender in the Ministry of Health: the first step towards patients’ victory

Our press conference on March 11 in which mothers of children with cystic fibrosis and non-governmental organizations asked the Ministry of Health not to buy low-grade drugs yielded positive results.