6 billion UAH were “found” at the state budget for the treatment of patients

Today, during the round table — «Emergency Exit out of the Medical Crisis in Ukraine», nearly 6 billion UAH were «found» in the state budget for treating patients with diseases. The Minister of Health, MPs, patients […]

Activists brought Yatsenuyk a luster, demanding lustration

Today patients, pharmacists, apothecary networks representatives and more than 200 NGO activists picketed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, requiring lustration in the healthcare field.

The price of the medicines in Ukraine will be raised by 80%

Today patients, pharmacists and suppliers of medical equipment made joint allegations against the Ministry of Income and Charges of Ukraine, regarding illegal raise of VAT on drugs from 7% to 20%.

Politicians had deceived Ukrainian patients

More than 30 Ukrainian patient organizations of different types of diseases addressed the acting President of Ukraine and the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov, the Prime Minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk, with the demand not to save […]

The first step is made towards the joint victory of Ukrainian patients’ community

Our joint efforts within «Excise Taxes Save Lives!» campaign had brought its first fast victory. After the roundtable and joint event on March 26 which was held in front of the Parliament of Ukraine, MPs […]

Excise taxes will save millions of Ukrainians

Patient and public organizations have offered Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to raise the excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol and use a part of these funds for vital and life-saving […]

Together we Rock!

Community activists, organizations and volunteer groups have agreed today to join efforts in initiatives aimed at improving access to treatment for all Ukrainians.

Patients demand to cancel the 30% governmental reduction on healthcare

Today Charitable foundation «Patients of Ukraine» addressed the Prime Minister Arseniy Yacenyuk with official appeal not to cut the state budget for healthcare. Newly appointed Minister of Healthcare, Mr. Oleh Musiy, officially stated […]

Patients and public organizations revealed the lustration list of MOH officials

Patients and public organizations revealed the lustration list of MOH officials

UCAB changes its name into ‘Patients of Ukraine’

During the last UCAB meeting on February 3-5 in Kyiv, the members agreed to change the name into Charitable foundation ‘Patients of Ukraine’.