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The appeal of patient organizations to Yulia Tymoshenko

TO: Yu. V. Tymoshenko, Leader of the Political Party “Batkivschyna”, People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Public Message   Dear Yulia Volodymyrivna, Yesterday, at the Coordination Board meeting you disseminated false information about government procurement of medicines through the international organizations. We, as representatives of the patients’ community assure you that delegation of the procurement of medicines, vaccines and medical supplies through the international specialized organizations is one of the most effective anti-corruption reforms in the health sector proved by years of work. For the first time funds for the public procurement are not plundered, but saved. According to the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, international organizations save up to 39% of the funds allocated for procurement of medicines. These are direct savings that allow providing treatment to more patients. Some medicines are procured at a price 67 times lower than during the MOH procurement in 2015. The saved funds permitted to procure up to 70% of additional medicines for some programs. Over 60% of medicines are procured by the international organizations directly from manufacturers as compared to small percent of manufacturers participating in the MoH tenders before implementation of this anti-corruption reform. The tenders on the ground show the effectiveness of international procurement as opposed to the PROZZORO system. Today the regional oncology centers and state institutions procure medicines at prices up to 300% higher than through the international organizations (evidence from monitoring of procurement of medicines for oncology patients conducted by the Anti Corruption Action Center). Deliveries of medicines for the funds of 2015-2016 are completed according to the plan. What you call ‘medicines short delivered for these years’ is only 0.007% of the deliveries of the 2015 contract amount. Now these medicines are being delivered at the cost of funds saved by the international organizations. Similar situation is with deliveries for 2016 procurement budget: the supply of medicines procured additionally for the saved funds is now being completed. In 2018, the procurement cycle has been finally straightened out. Agreements with international organizations were signed in April and the first tenders have already been completed. Julia Volodymirovna, public procurement reform is the achievement valued by thousands of saved lives. Discrediting and deprecating it means denying the problems of patients and using peoples’ grief for sensational populist slogans. We call you, dear Yulia Volodymyrivna, as the leader of the faction, not to voice unverified information and not to mislead voters and people’s deputies. The truth is that the pharmaceutical procurement reform is really supported by the patients’ community and saves our lives! This message is signed by: Boyko Inna, Executive Director of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Dmitry Sherembey, Chairman of the Coordination Council of CO “Network 100% of Life” Yuri Lazarevich, Chairman of the Board of CO “Network 100% of Life Rivne” Maria Adamchuk, President of the CF “STOPRAK” Angela Moiseenko, Chairman of the Board of CO “Chernihiv Network” Maria Aylen-Shevchenko, Chairman of the Board of CF “Open Palms” Tetyana Barlas, Chairman of the Board of All-Ukrainian NGO “Joy of the Movement” Lyudmila Ayvazyan, Head of NGO “Mental Health“ Natalia Gurn, Chairman of the Board of NGO “Drug Control” Tymofy Badikov, Chairman of the Board of NGO “Parents for Vaccination”, NGO “Health Platform” Olena Strizhak, Chairman of the Board of CO “Positive Women” Onipko Nataliya, President of the CF “Formula for Success» Oleksandra Balasna, Chairman of the Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Children “Early Birds” Oleg Martynyuk, Chairman of the NGO “Glimmer of Hope” Ivan Zelensky, Director of the Patient’s CF “Blood Drop” Petrova Lyubov, NGO “All-Ukrainian Association of Crystal People” Yuriy Romashko, Executive Director of the NGO “Institute of Analytics and Advocacy” Roman Drozd, Executive Director of the CF “Light of Hope” Yevhenia Panichevska, Director of the CF “Association of Parents to Children with Autism” Oksana Shevchuk, Chairman of the Board of the Vinnytsa Regional Branch of the CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH” Oleksandr Kolisnyk, Chairman of the Board of the CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH”, Dnipro City Natalia Nagorna, Director of CF “Let you Heart Beat” Igor Lytvyn, Chairman of the Board of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Branch of the CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH” Tetyana Parshikova, Chairman of the Board of CF “100 Percent of Life”, Kherson region Vitaliy Tkachuk, Chairman of the Board of CF “100 Percent of Life”, Kyiv region Svitlana Moroz, Chairman of the Board of CO “Sunrise Club” Oleksandr Kripak, Chairman of the Board of the CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH”, Kryvyi Rig Yulia Chabanyuk , Chairman of the Board of the Kirovograd Oblast Branch of the CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH” Dmytro Tygach, Chairman of the Board of CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH”, Lviv City Ігор Коновалов, Chairman of the Board of Mykolaiv CF “All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH”» Alla Khodak, Chairman of the Board of CF “100 Percent of Life”, Odessa City Valentina Kalmykova, Executive Director of the CF “Luhansk Oblast Association of All–Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS” Zagrebelny, Chairman of the Board of NGO “CHANCE Club” Natalia Mishtal, Chairman of the Board of CF “Ternopil Branch of the All–Ukrainian Network of PLWH” Andriy Demyanenko, Chairman of the Board of CO “Zakarpatie CF of the Network” Sergey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Board of CO “Network of 100 Percents of Life”, Kharkiv City Anna Skrypka, Chairman of the Board of CO “Network of 100 Percents of Life”, Kherson City Snizhana Strylets, Chairman of the Board of Khmelnitsk Oblast Association of All–Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS” Viktor Karatov, Chairman of the Board of CO “Network of 100 Percents of Life”, Ivano-Frankivsk Vadym Velyzhanin, Chairman of the Board of CF “Chernivsty Branch of All–Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS”

General Prosecutor’s Office and National Police Received Financial Documents of Patients’ Organization for 3 Years as Part of Fictitious Criminal Case

The investigator of the Main Investigations Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine is currently reviewing and copying the documents of the Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine”. This is the first seizure of the documents from the NGO, a member of the community “Reanimation Package of Reforms” Senior investigator for especially important cases of the National Police Main Investigations Directorate Nykytyuk S.S. and the National Police investigator Roman Onyshchenko came to seize the documents. They could not explain the legal merit of the claim and were not familiar with the materials and content of the criminal case in detail. “I am an executor of a particular investigative action, which is the seizure of documents. The details are known to the chief of the investigation team”, Onyshchenko explained. According to him, the investigation team for this case consists of three members. Senior investigator Nykytyuk, who received the court order for the seizure of documents, refused the comments and only reported that the case is filed by the General Prosecutor’s Office and that all questions should be addressed to them. The documents are seized according to the Pechersk Court ruling as part of the criminal case on “procurement of medicines for unreasonably high prices” and “embezzlement of money of the international organization “The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria” in especially big amount”. “For 6 years of its work the CF “Patients of Ukraine” never procured any medicines, not a single pack, not for any project. The investigators cannot explain what the source of this information is. The court ruling does not explain it either. We cannot understand, which arguments were used by the investigators to persuade the judge to issue the permission for this seizure. The seized documents do not contain information on the medicine procurement!”. The law enforcement authorities want to seize all financial documents of the CF “Patients of Ukraine” for the post-Maidan period. “Court ruling received by prosecutors and investigators does not contain any fact or specific period that would be of interest to the law enforcement officers. This indicates that there were no grounds for prosecuting the case, which is a ‘designer case’ with the aim of obtaining financial documents of the organization and finding something there after that”, NGO staff considers. “We regard this as a lever of pressure, as an attempt to block our activities because the Global Fund has no questions to us. We have been working together for many years and every year they extend this cooperation”, states Olga Stefanyshyna, the Executive Director of the CF “Patients of Ukraine”. It is noteworthy that the Global Fund regularly attracts external auditors to confirm the target use of the funds by the CF “Patients of Ukraine”. Activists also associate these actions of the law enforcement officers with the fact that these organizations were engaged in promoting the reform of public procurement of medicines and in delegating this function to the international organizations. This reform, according to the estimates of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine and anti-corruption organizations, annually saves for Ukraine up to 40% of the state budget for procurement of the medicines. It is worth mentioning that 588 organizations receive funding from the Global Fund in Ukraine, including 354 health facilities (AIDS centers, tuberculosis dispensaries), 124 correctional institutions and 100 NGOs Slidchi 2 (2)image1 (6)image2 (4)NikitukSlidchi 2 (1) For information: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was established by the United Nations in January 2002 to assist in funding the national AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs in countries with a low level of own resources. Contact person Olha Pryshko +380959346241

Pediatrician Drags Medical Reform through the Verkhovna Rada

The next drop in the cup of patience of the activists and public expecting the health reform overrun into the action in front of the Verkhovna Rada. Representatives of the public organizations, patients community and health workers got together in Grushevsky street to motivate the MPs to put bills 6327 and 6604 to vote and support them.

Results of the study «Cost(less) medicine»

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Report of the CF “Patients of Ukraine” July 2015 – October 2016

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Next year Ukrainian patients with hepatitis C may stay without treatment

As soon as next year Ukraine will not provide treatment for patients with hepatitis C for the public funds. The State Program on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis for 2013-2016 ends this year. If the Cabinet of Ministers fails to continue this State Program, treatment of hepatitis will become unavailable for the Ukrainian patients.

Independent auditor’s Report for 2015

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Independent auditor’s report to the members for 2014

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This year medicines procurements will be transferred to international organizations by July 20, 2016

The Ministry of Health will form and submit the current year budget for the procurement of medicines and medicinal products to international organizations by 20-th of July.

UNDP saved for Ukraine USD 330 000 during anti-tuberculosis medicines procurement in compare with the MOH pricing 2014

United Nations Development Programme which procures drugs for the Ministry of Health has purchased up medicines for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis 3 times cheaper in compare with the MOH pricing 2014.