Patients of Ukraine Assisted 7 500 Ukrainian Doctors to Fight Pandemic

The Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” together with partners, volunteers  and non-indifferent people for three months raised UAH 19 266 699 for protection of health professionals.

Cabinet of Ministers Approved Manual Pharmaceutical Procurement: Country May Stay without Medicines

On June 12, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the Resolution, which complicates the pharmaceutical procurement process. NGOs are concerned that the country stumbles on the manual procurement management that threatens the patients to stay without essential medicines.

More than 5000 Doctors Provided with Protection for Two Months at CF “Patients of Ukraine” Initiative

The Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” together with partners, volunteers and people who supported the Foundation for two months raised UAH 14 578 580 for protection of health workers.

Appeal of the Patient Community regarding the failure of the medicine procurement for the severely ill patients

Dear Mr. Stepanov, Public procurement of medicines for 38 health programs financed from the state budget of Ukraine must have started in February-March 2020 but failed. According to public information […]
Закупівлі ліків, звільнити Максима Степанова

Death Sentence to Seriously Ill Patients: Public and Patients’ Organizations Demand to Fire Stepanov as Pharmaceutical Procurements Are at Stake

The Health Ministry of Ukraine is disrupting procurement of medicines, vaccines and medical devices for seriously ill Ukrainians for budget 2020. Every year pharmaceuticals are procured in 38 different areas at the centralized level.
More than 8 million hryvnias have been raised to protect doctors from the coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

More than 8 million hryvnias have been raised to protect doctors from the coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” together with partners, donors, volunteers, and people raised 8,185,235 hryvnias to protect doctors from the coronavirus.

Over 6 Million UAH Raised to Protect Doctors against Coronavirus — CF “Patients of Ukraine”

Team of the CF “Patients of Ukraine” raised UAH 6 314 911 of charitable contributions from donors, businesses and people

MoH Returns in Days of Bogatyreva and Procures Protective Suits Double Price than Volunteers and Hospitals Do

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine wants to overspend 40% of the budget, which can be used for procurement of additional 50,000 protective suits for health workers. These are the results of the first tender held by the MoH at the cost of the reserve budget to combat COVID-19. The Ministry of Health administration got around the procurement through the independent specialized agency SE Medical Procurement of Ukraine and laid hands on the tenders.

Letter to the Minister of Health

Dear Maksim Volodymyrovich, The Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine” represents the interests of 28 patients’ communities associated with 1.5 million people battling serious illnesses. As representatives of these organizations we […]

Resolution of the dialogue between patients, authorities and international organizations “Medical reform for the benefit of the patient”

Following the open dialogue between patients, authorities and international organizations, held on October 1, 2019, subsequent resolution was adopted on the fundamental steps of further changes in the health care system, on which parties agreed.