Вимагаємо продовжити антикорупційну реформу у медицині — закупівлю ліків за допомогою міжнародних організацій

We Demand Continuation of Anti-Corruption Medical Reform — Procurement of Medicines through International Organizations

The bill No. 1076 «On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Public Procurement’ and to Some Other Legislative Acts on Improving Public Procurement» has been put to vote today, which abolishes the possibility to procure medicines through the international organizations. The bill was posted on the website only one day before the voting, depriving the public of the opportunity to make comments and remarks.
Прес-конференція «Кастрація Медреформи? Перші симптоми»

“Сastration of Healthcare Reform? The First Symptoms”

Patient-led and non-governmental organizations warn the Prime Minister and the President against the new HR policy at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and demand not to let the old corruption schemes returnt into the operations of the Ministry.