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The Tasigna drug for the treatment of patients with leukemia was procured by the international organization UNDP almost three times cheaper in comparison with the prices of the Ministry of Health

While the Ministry of Health procured the Tasigna drug (Nilotinib, 200 mg, capsules) at $ 53.27 per tablet, the United Nations Development Program managed to procure this drug of the same manufacturer and in the same dosage at $ 20.57 per tablet. The United Nations Development Program procured 55 020 tablets (in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 557) and saved more than 61% of budget funds in comparison with the Ministry of Health prices 2014. “Such savings once again prove that the drugs procurements through international organizations save the lives of patients. A saving of 60% is a proof that all patients will receive the necessary drugs without corruption, and the saved funds will be spent on procurements of additional drugs,” says Olga Stefanyshyna, executive director of the Charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine”. It is worth noting that Tasigna drug is under patent protection, but thanks to the process of drugs procurements through international organizations it was possible to achieve a significant price reduction. Last year, Crown Agents procured this drug 35% cheaper than the Ministry of Health in 2014. “Thanks to international organizations for two consecutive years it has been possible to procure drugs much cheaper than the Ministry of Health did. For us, patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia, this means that we will be able to survive this year. However, the procured drugs are still not enough to provide all patients with – it’s enough for only 4 months of treatment. The manufacturing company, taking into account the situation in Ukraine, should reduce the price for the State for these drugs,” said Ivan Zelenskyi, Chairman of the CF “Drop of Blood”, a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia. The drug was delivered to warehouses of the state enterprise “Ukrmedpostach” subordinated to the Ministry of Health on March 6, 2017. The whole cycle of the tender procedure, from the moment of transfer of money to the organization and delivery of the drug, took less than 3 months.INNBrand name and manufacturer 2014, MOH 2015, Crown Agents2016, UNDPNilotinib, 200 mgTASIGNA, capsules, hard, 200 mg, # 28 in blisters. Manufacturer: Novartis Phrama, Stein, Switzerland $53,27 $34,45$20,57It should be noted that Ukraine’s successful experience in procurement of drugs through international organizations is being accepted by Moldova! Already this year Moldova will receive drugs for two pilot projects from the United Nations Development Program. For reference: In October 2016, the Ministry of Health signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Program for the procurement of drugs for public funds in 2016. The State allocated for 2016 UAH 397 065 700,0 for the procurement of drugs for adult cancer patients and UAH 353,000,000,0 for oncological children.