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Treatment Action Group expresses concerns towards the policy of Valartin Pharma

International Patient Organisation Treatment Action Group sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, where the concerns are expressed towards the policy of Valartin Pharma, which is a national manufacturer of the drug for the treatment of hepatitis C. The main issues raised in  the letter are not transparent drug registration, ignoring open dialogue with the Ukrainian patient environment on product quality and patient jrganizations attack in media.

Expert community demands appointment of an honest and professional Minister of Health

Public and expert organizations require the Coalition of parties to take into account the results of public discussion of the candidates for the position of Health Minister. This is stated in the open letter sent to the political parties that have signed the Coalition agreement.

The activist Dmytro Sherembey won dishonest pharmacists in court

Kyiv Darnytsia District Court closed the case against the activist of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Dmytro Sherembey. The pharmacists accused the activist and two media journalists of allegedly disclosure of trade secret of one of the hepatitis C drugs producer (claimant: LLC “Valartin Pharma”, article 277 of Civil Code “On protection of honor, dignity and business reputation”).

Politicians and public recommend Olga Bohomolets or Volodymyr Kurpita for the position of the Health Minister

According to the results of public discussion of candidates for the position of the Health Minister of Ukraine, which has been held today with the participation of the leading political forces and public representatives, Olga Bohomolets and Volodymyr Kurpita have been chosen as the best candidates for this position.

In 2015 the Ukrainian Government will procure medicines and vaccines through UNICEF and WHO

According to the Coalition agreement signed by five leading political forces “Narodnyi Front”, “Poroshenko Block”, “Samopomich”, “Radical Party of Lyashko” and “Batkivshchyna” the Ministry of Health will conduct state procurements of drugs and vaccines via international organizations next year. This is stated in Chapter 4.5 on p. 28 of the Coalition Agreement, concerning the reform of medicine in Ukraine. a[rel~="mtli_filesize52963kB"]:after {content:" (529.63 kB)"}

Activists demand an open public discussion of candidates for the position of Health Minister

The Activists of patient and anticorruption organizations demand from all the political parties that have been elected to Verkhovna Rada to publish information about their candidates for the post of Minister of Health and to conduct the open public discussion of these candidates live online. In addition, the activists have announced an open resume admission of the candidates that do not represent any political party but may be worthy candidates for the post of Minister. The resume will be presented to the public as well.

Handcuffed for fighting corruption!

Press Release Today up to 100 activists of the public organizations picketed Kyiv Darnytsia District Court as a sign of solidarity with the Chairman of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Dmytro Sherembey. Today the court should have held its first hearing on the criminal case against the activist, but the claimant LLC “Valartin Pharma” did not show up at the court, so the judge postponed the hearing on November 25, 2014.

Trial of patients. Preview

Dear journalists! On November 4, Darnytsia District Court will hold court hearings in the case against the Head of the CF «Patients of Ukraine» Dmytro Sherembey. To support their colleague, activists and representatives of Ukraine’s patients’ and anticorruption organisations will line up in front of the court building stairs wearing handcuffs as a symbol that every corruption and freedom of speech campaigner in Ukraine can be prosecuted and tried similarly to Dmytro Sherembey.