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MoH wants to procure medicines of doubtful quality for sick children

Today the parents of children with phenylketonuria as well as little patients appealed to the Ministry of Health with urgent request to procure much-needed medicines. The problem is that 3-rd time in a row the drug tenders for children with such diagnosis are being failed due to the sabotage of the procedure by the Russian producer of one of the drugs. According to the parents, MoH does it on purpose so that it could fail all the tenders and purchase exclusively one drug of a Russian drug producer for their children.

Nothing about us without us! Initiative of CF “Patients of Ukraine” regarding the appointment of the Minister of Health of Ukraine

Ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of patients’ access to health services is the basic and the main obligation of the Minister of Health. There have been 19 Ministers of Health during 23 years of Ukraine’s independence. This means that almost every year Ukrainian health care system was pulled into new direction. Because of this as well as of complete lack of the institutional memory the health care reform has not been possible during this time. Besides that, all the ministers and their deputies had been appointed by the quota principle of the political parties and not by the open competition. All of this had greatly hindered the work of the Ministry and contributed to the prosperity of corruption schemes within the Ministry, which have often been linked to the various political parties, oligarchic clans and officials of the highest level.

Experts offer deprive the Ministry of Health of the part of functions, including procurement

The draft of health care reforms that is being developed by Strategic Advisory Group on Healthcare reform suggests depriving the Ministry of Health of some functions, including the financing of individual hospitals, medical schools, etc. MOH should get rid of the function to procure medicines as well.

Position of CF “Patients of Ukraine” regarding another round of intimidations and pressure on our organization!

Yesterday a couple media has published false information about the opened criminal case against Dmytro Sherembey, Chairman of CF “Patients of Ukraine”. We consider these provocative statements and paid articles of such nature as those intended to pressure on our patient organization due to our anti-corruption efforts in health care sector of Ukraine and stop us from doing our job.

“Black Tuesday” in Ukraine – the wave of the mass protests of patients

Today, on October 21, mass protests of patients have been held in 17 cities of Ukraine and in Kyiv. The patients dubbed the day as “black Tuesday”. They demanded from the government to procure medicines for critically ill Ukrainians for simplified procedure immediately. For 21 days allocated by the Prime Minister to procure drugs after the last patients’ protest, only 6% has been purchased by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The only option left is to transfer the procurement process to the State Emergency Service and involve the patients to the negotiation process. This means that patients with hemophilia, tuberculosis, oncology, phenylketonuria, viral hepatitis, and hemodialysis are left without treatment that is guaranteed by the State.

At 16 days out of 21 allocated for emergency drugs procurement only 6% has been conducted

On 21 of October at 9.30 am there will be an action of patients with various severe diseases called “BLACK TUESDAY” under the Cabinet of Ministers.The Patients will symbolically cover the territory near the Cabinet of Ministers with black cloth as a sign of mourning for the dead Ukrainians that  have never get to see the State’s guaranteed treatment and also to show the Prime Minister and the Government that the whole country will be covered with back cloth very soon.

Civil activists “switched on” a countdown of the expiration of tenders for drug procurement. Only 2% of necessary medicines are procured at two weeks

Activists “switched on” a countdown and every morning they remind the officials about the close deadline for drugs procurement allocated by the Prime Minister. Patients picket Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a huge banner on which 6-year-old girl Nona with hemophilia shows how many days are left to drug procurement for patients of Ukraine.

Activists: the medicine procurement will not happen in 21 days unless the representatives of the public are engaged

Today the activists of CF “Patients of Ukraine” and Anticorruption Action Center participated in the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine where the issue of the failed tenders had been addressed. Under the public pressure the Prime-minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yantsenyuk suspended from the duties of the Minister of Health O. Musiy and dismissed his deputy and the Head of the Tender Committee – P. Salyutin.