Patients Ruined Pharmaceutical Lobbyist Wall in Front of the Cabinet of Ministers

Activists of the patients and public organizations came to the building of the Cabinet of Ministers protesting against micromanagement of the pharmaceutical market regulation.  The patients who have to illegally import the medications not authorized in Ukraine ruined a brick wall with an inscription “Pharmaceutical Barrier” in front of the Cabinet of Ministers.  By doing this they wanted to show the need to destroy the artificially created barriers due to which thousand of Ukrainians have limited access to quality medications.


Patients will be able to receive free medicines after the lists of available pharmaceuticals are made public

Today at the roundtable “Online services of free drugs: from Odesa to the whole country” the CF “Patients of Ukraine” together with the experts told about open stock lists of left-over medications as an effective way to fight corruption in hospitals at the stage when patients are supposed to receive medicines for which the state has already paid. In particular, the patients’ and anti-corruption organizations discussed the possibility to extend the successful experience of Odesa Oblast to other regions of Ukraine and to provide patients with free medicines.


Olga Stefanyshyna

Executive director

Larysa Lutsenko


​Olga Demeshko

Project Manager

Inna Boiko

Project Manager