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Open data on leftovers of medicines procured by the State ruined the corruption schemes in Odesa Oblast

More than 20 thousand citizens of Odesa Oblast used the services of web-site liky.odesa.ua where data on leftovers of medicines, which are procured at public expenses and can be received by patients free  of charge, are opened. This anti-corruption initiative was presented by the Executive director of CF “Patients of Ukraine” Olga Stefanyshyna during the contest “Stop corruption: public action in the Odesa region.”

Activists Pressed Government for Increase of Budget on Medicines Procurement by UAH 2 Billion

Seriously ill patients will receive far more medicines in 2017.  Draft Budget-2017 allocates UAH 5,9 billion for procurement of medicines for patients with HIV, TB, viral hepatitis, pediatric and adult oncology, haemophilia and other diseases, which is by UAH 2 billion more than in the previous year.  Corresponding draft law  is registered at the Verkhovna Rada website.

Bohatyreva’s Team Filed a Case against Activists

Today representatives of the patient and anti-corruption organizations have organized a protest action in front of the Podolsk district court demanding to close the case and stop placing pressure on the activists. The fact is that “Bohatyreva’s witnesses”, people who worked with her at the MoH and dealt with procurement of medicine, filed a case against the teams of CF “Patients of Ukraine” and the Anti-Corruption Action Center.

Olga Stefanyshyna

Executive Director
Acting Head of the Board

Inna Boiko

An expert on deregulation and work with patients

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Media communication specialist
PR consultant

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Analyst. An expert on budget financing

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Project Coordination Assistant

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Chief Accountant

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